MIMM – My excellent weekend

I have just had the most excellent weekend – so i just had to share it on My MIMM post

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

Ben has a big birthday next weekend, I’ve had in my mind an idea for a surprise party for the last two years – yes years! – and it all came together.

As if that wasn’t enough, I attended a second surprise party (and made the cake) and spent 4 hours taking part in a ‘Get in the Picture’ nativity scene with Exeter Vineyard Church – what more could a girl ask for???

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WIAW #39 and the Coconut Collaborative

I’ve slacked off somewhat with WIAW – I’ve been so busy.  Then I forget to take photos.  This week is no different on that front – but at least I’ve managed to get this written up – sort of.  Forgive me.

What I ate Wednesday, WIAWAs you know, I hosted a Murder Mystery at the weekend – so here is my food from the day:



I bought some Coconut yogurt from the Coconut Collaborative – I usually eat Co Yo, so it was good to try something different. It came in such gorgeous packaging, and I loved the little packet of seeds that were folded into the cardboard outer.

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MIMM: Murder Mystery Weekend

I’ve had a couple of quiet weekends, but this is where it all kicks off 🙂

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

This weekend I hosted a Murder Mystery with my sister and her hubby, and our friends.

MIMM, Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

From left, Rev Will Beedone, Misty Visions, Ford Escort, Dr Fumbles, Cinders and Dee Minor.

I contacted Lynda at Murder Mystery Store in advance of our party – and she was really helpful.  The great thing about the boxset is that it’s a flexi set – the murderer is chosen on the night, so you can reuse it – as long as you don’t remember the guilty/innocent answers to the questions 🙂  But with 6-14 players, we can play again and not have to reuse any of the characters 🙂

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Guesting on Fit Swiss Chick

Yo yo! How’s it going?

I’m taking a break from WIAW today (not because I’m not prepared – Ok, maybe a little bit)  but because I am guesting over on Fit Swiss Chick this morning – Check me out! (hmmm, don’t think I have the attitude to carry that off???)

Thanks Lucie for giving me a space of your oh-so-fabby blog!

Hope you all have a great day!!!

WIAW #38

Sorry I didn’t get this finished by last week’s What I ate Wednesday – it was a busy week after a weekend away.

But here, as promised, you have my eats from our full day at Fitness Fiesta.

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, Fitness Fiesta, food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack

WIAW #38

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Fitness Friday: Twerk with Zoe McNulty

Sorry guys for not meeting my promise of getting a WIAW post up about the food at Fitness Fiesta – you’ll have to wait until next week.

But into my first class review.  I’ll start with our first class.

If you read my posts from Feb/March Fitness Fiesta, you will know that we did a class taught by Zoe McNulty last time – I think Ben came away with a bit of a crush. So, what’s a wife to do? I approved of his choice, so I told him he had to come with me to Twerk.

He was the lone male in a class full of women. We arrived late, and in an effort to be less conspicuous we settled in the back of the room. Now, while I say we were less conspicuous, Ben was still head and shoulders taller than anyone else in the room. He didn’t get picked out, and for that we were both relieved.

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Fitness Fiesta: Beaumont House Nov ’14

Yep, we’ve done it again. We’ve been for a weekend at Fitness Fiesta – a full weekend of exercise classes.

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

This autumn session there isn’t a weekend in Bristol – our nearest venue. It was a toss-up between Beaumont House in Windsor, or Hinckley Island In Leicestershire.

We had a 3 hour journey to get to Windsor so we set off shortly after breakfast. One day I will learn not to leave packing to the last minute – this weekend was not that day!


The White House

On arrival I was surprised how huge the hotel was – more like a complex of rooms and corridors.

We arrived and found a fairly long queue at reception – I wasn’t prepared for this as at Bristol we turned up after the first class had started. They were taking money for lunch vouchers on Saturday, but, as we later discovered, they didn’t appear to have any change. 2 meal tickets at £7.50 each, I handed over £20 and after a 5 minute wait I got 10 x 50p coins.  At least I got my change 🙂

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He thinks; she thinks

Looking at the title – let’s make this Thinking out Loud shall we? 🙂


I had Friday off work.  We had evening plans, so I took the day off to give more time for travel, and to get some stuff done.

I had ideas of how the day would go. Turns out so did Ben.

So what did we think would happen on our day off?  What did happen.

Welcome to He thinks; she thinks.


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WIAW #37

Hey hey! Welcome to another What I ate Wednesday.

6287a-wiawfallintogoodhabitsbuttonI started recording my food on Friday when I had the day off (more of that to come tomorrow) And then I completely forgot after lunch. I was going to re-do, but ended up with a jippy stomach on Tuesday (dodgy chicken) so I consumed most of my calories through liquid.

So here you have, pictures and what I can remember of my eats on Friday



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MIMM: last minute plans

Isn’t it great when last minute plans come together 🙂

I had a day off on Friday, more of that to come later in the week.

I had an outline of my weekend in mind. I knew that Ben was going to watch a football match on Saturday, so I planned some shopping.  I knew Ben was working on Saturday night, so I knew he would be sleeping on Sunday and I would have to entertain myself.


We were supporting the inlaws in the Village Panto – Panto at the OK corral – Ben won a tin of prunes in the raffle.  Many would think this was a booby-prize, but I was pleased 🙂 Our friends were also there. Chatting I said I was at a lose end the next day, and Sharon invited me shopping with them. I jumped at the chance.

We stayed with Ben’s parents overnight.  Ben made me coffee – by the bucket load.  After all that he found his Mum’s hula hoop – well, I had energy to burn!!

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