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What I ate Wednesday #3

Ok, so I’ve done many more than 3 WIAWs, but because I started by doing ‘themes’ I’ve lost track of how many I’ve posted – Oops 🙂 So here we are at number 3 of pure ‘What I ate Wednesday‘.  I wrote that one day I’ll get around to creating a page to bring them all together, “Promise”! And I have.  Check out my previous WIAW posts

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Pay it forward week #1

Random Acts of Kindness, pay it forward, generous, kind,

Pay it Forward

So I started my Random Acts of Kindness with a couple of gestures for people at work.

Pay it forward, Random Acts of Kindness, gratitude,

Pay it forward week #1

I usually tell my colleague when there are money off vouchers in the paper, but this time I went out and bought him a copy.  I hope he managed to save some money on his shopping this week 🙂

Another day we were having a conversation about green tea, and my colleague hadn’t tried Matcha, so I took her in a sample.

Have you performed any random acts of kindness this week?

Burns Night: Vegetarian haggis, vegan option

It was Burns Night on Saturday.  We enjoyed some Haggis, neeps and tatties. For anyone who is put off by the idea of a true haggis – I made a vegetarian haggis; on the table in under 30 minutes!  And with one quick swap you can make the recipe vegan!

Burns Night, Rabbie Burns, haggis, vegetarian haggis, neeps and tatties, I was tempted to buy a vegetarian haggis, but I thought I would google it first to see if I could find a recipe, and find one I did.

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Farmhouse Breakfast Week and chocolate amaranth porridge

Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2014 starts today – Sunday 26th January – Saturday 1st February.

To start the week off right, I enjoyed scrambled eggs on buckwheat and rice toast (I prefer the rice and sunflower) with spinach and an organic mushroom.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week, Shake up your wake up, breakfast, breakfast weekYum, a good start to my Sunday!

Did you know that Breakfast eaters:

  • have more energy: raising your blood sugar after your overnight fast, and keeping it up until lunch.
  • feel less stressed: raising your blood sugar in the morning can help to improve your mood and, concentration and lower your stress levels – do you get ‘hangry‘ when you are hungry and angry?
  • are more likely to be a healthy weight: The NHS says evidence suggests that eating breakfast helps people to control their weight.


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Pay it forward

Random Acts of Kindness, pay it forward, generous, kind,

Pay it Forward

So, I got hooked on one of these ‘Pay It Forward‘ initatives on Facebook.  It got me thinking about Paying it forward and ‘Random Acts of Kindness‘.

Now, it has been said that I am ‘nice down to my bones’. I sponsor two children in developing countries, I give to charity, I bake for people, it was even mentioned on my work Professional Development Review that I can always spot if someone is in need of support.  I know I’m a fairly kind and thoughtful person. But this Facebook post got me thinking. Making a conscious effort to make these little gestures here and there is a great idea.

There is a chap who works at the train station who is always ready with a smile when he sees me and will usually open the gate when he sees me coming.  It’s a little gesture, but it means so much, especially if you’ve had a rubbish day.

So I pledge to do at least one Random Act of Kindness every week for the rest of the year!

I’ve decided to count Ben out of this – he is my husband and always on the receiving end of my baking, treats, etc 🙂

So, I immediately got to work. Tune in later to see what my first Random Acts of Kindness were.

Who else will make a pledge to do a random act of kindness each week this year?

Who’s with me?

WIAW: What I ate Wednesday

Hello and welcome to another What I ate Wednesday. I got a bit lost this last week and left it all to the last minute, so this is what I ate yesterday.

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A week of…Clean and Lean

A week of, Clean and Lean, James Duigan, Clean Eating, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacksI know, I know, you want to lick the screen right now.  Please refrain, it’s won’t work and when was the last time you cleaned that screen?

Ok, yeah, I’ll be your best friend 🙂 Cook for you everyday? Hmm, that sounds more like a personal chef than a best friend…

Yep, I’ve been eating WELL using my new Clean and Lean books as a guide – oh yeah, it’s good!

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Skin beautifying chocolate loaf cake: gluten free

Mmm…How do you fancy a chocolate cake which is great for your skin?

avocado, almond, chocolate, loaf, cake

Skin beautifying chocolate cake

I keep reading how sugar damages the collagen in your skin and gives you wrinkles, so how about a chocolate cake choc full of vitamin E.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant which protects your cells from damage, as well supporting healthy hair and clear glowing skin.

With only a little added sugar in the form of honey, this cake may not make you beautiful, but it’s full of nutritious ingredient whilst being so delicious you won’t believe that it’s good for you!

So what is the secret ingredient? Read on to find out…

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Meal prep

I can be really good at meal prep.  I try to get the next day’s breakfast and lunch sorted when I’m making dinner in the evening. But other days I just can’t be fussed!  Usually when I’ve had a busy evening, or a yoga session that made me feel just a bit too chilled!

I’m visiting my sister this weekend.  I go straight from work to hers and will be staying the night. So that meant extra meal prep on Thursday evening.

Having been to the gym and had dinner after work, I set about getting some Clean and Lean meals ready. So that is how I came to be making 2 breakfasts, 2 green smoothies, 2 lunches and a dinner at 8pm on a Thursday night

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WIAW: What I ate Wednesday

So it’s back to the new year and back to eating as healthily as I can (ok, so I didnt’ really go in for lots of unhealthy stuff over Christmas and New Year) but here’s a days eats:

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, green smoothie, kale, meatballs, tuna salad, healthy hot chocolate, applem buckwheat bread

What I ate Wednesday

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