Fitness Fiesta Bristol Feb/Mar

It’s Fitness Friday.  I’ve been dying to tell you about this all week.  You might have picked up from my other post that Ben and I were away last weekend.  We went to Fitness Fiesta in Bristol Marriott Hotel.  Living in the South West it’s out closest event.

Check out this video of the hightlights of the weekend.  Can you spot me??

We had a really good time.  And enjoyed some new classes and some old favourites.

I have been to one Fitness Fiesta before, About three years ago I went to the one at Weston-Super-Mare, but typically it was the last time they held the event there.  I hope the same doesn’t happen to Bristol!

I’m so glad I bought my Polar FT4 in time for the weekend becasue I was able to work out how hard I had really worked during the weekend.

Over the course of the weekend I did 12 hours of classes in the 48 hours we were in Bristol and burned over 2,600 calories.

Thank goodness they were feeding us!

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, fitness

Fitness Fiesta

And that doesn’t include the DJ and dance on the first night, and the live entertainment on the second.  Ben was even dragged up to get the conga started.  I don’t think he was pleased 🙂

Are you giving me the finger Mr Hawkes?

Are you giving me the finger Mr Hawkes?

Many of the classes on Saturday are ‘ticketed’.  When you arrive you are given 2 of the four choices that you submitted in advance.  On the Saturday morning we were able to collect two more tickets (and more again if you rejoined the queue) so we were both able to do the classes we wanted.  These were my tickets:

Fitness Fiesta


So what classes did I clock up over the weekend?


  • LES MILLS BODY ATTACK™ with Adam Burke
  • BEAMFIT™ YOGA with Beko Kaygee


  • LES MILLS BODY BALANCE™ with Ricky Long
  • LES MILLS BODY COMBAT™ with Matt Molloy
  • tabata™ with James Stark and the tabata team
  • LES MILLS CXWORKS™ with Matt Molloy
  • DRUMS ALIVE® with Gary Daniels
  • PILATES BARRE with Carroll Crook
  • FAME with Zoe McNulty


  • LES MILLS BODY BALANCE™ with Ricky Long
  • CHEEROBICS® with Jo Cooper
  • INSANITY® with Rob Myers-McLaughlin
  • CHILLAXATION with Gary Daniels
After Insanity

After Insanity

Ben got in some different classes including Fight Klub®, Spinning and Outdoor Military Fitness.

With up to 8 different classes running at once there were so many more classes we didn’t get to try including: SH’BAM™ Bosu, FitSteps®, Metabolic Conditioning, Circuit Training, and more!

I would love to go into more detail about the classes, but there is so much to cover, that I’m going to spread it out over a few posts to really cover some of the great new classes.

We were happy with the choice of classes, and there are so many options you just don’t get to try everything.  however, I spoke to other people who said it was the worst attended, and that if there weren’t more presenters next time they wouldn’t go! It made me a bit sad, because it’s our nearest event, and we would love to go again! I guess it just depends on what you are used to!

Were were allowed full access to the hotel facilites – gym, sauna and pool, but we didn’t find time to use them 😦

During the 48 hours we were there we only left the hotel for an hour to grab some fresh air and a bit of a walk around Cabot Circus.  Having said that, Ben had an extra hour outside when he did Outdoor Military Fitness.

My only real criticism was how they handled breakfast.  We were told in advance that breakfast was 8-10am (which was a bit late for me).  But in actual fact it seemed to run from 7am.  Because the first class was advertised as 8-8.45 (it actually ran until 9.00) we didn’t go for breakfast until 8.45, by which time the tables were being cleared and food was no longer being topped up.  I appreciate that they had to clear the room to allow for classes to start, at 10.30, but I think it could have been handled better.  On the Sunday we went for breakfast at 7.00 when it was all fresh, and it gave me time to get to the class at 8.00 while Ben went and checked out of our room.

Have you been to a fitness weekend? What would your favourite class have been?


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