Fitness Friday: Fame and Cheerobics®

Yay – It’s Friday, and you know what that means – it’s almost the weekend! Gimme a whoop! It also means it’s Fitness Friday, and I’m continuing my theme of Reviews from Fitness Fiesta.
This week I am reviewing a couple of aerobics style classes: Fame with Zoe McNulty and Cheerobics® with Jo Cooper
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Cheerobics with Jo Cooper

A shameless ‘selfie’ before the class kicked off 🙂

What they said about themselves

This was the ‘marketing blurb’ from the Fitness Fiesta brochure:

Get ready for drag runs, split leaps, flickball changes, spins & turns, some serious hairography….and possibly whiplash!
Cheerobics® is the unique programme that combines cheerleading & aerobics, using pompoms!


I’ll start with Fame because I did this one before Cheerobics.  It was the last class on Saturday, so both Ben and I were tired from a long day of classes.  This seemed like a fun way to end the day.  Ben, unsurprisingly was the only man in the class.  Thankfully, he is comfortable with this, and a big deal wasn’t made of it!

Zoe turned up wearing a leotard over her leggins, and a t-shirt if I remember correctly.  She was a riot, and had loads of energy.  I think Ben developed a bit of a crush 🙂  Zoe insisted we were all ‘DANCERS’ (think how Craig Revel Horwood would say it – or your stereotypic Bristish Dance mistress).  And the motto was:


It was a fun class, with all that you would expect of a cheesey 80s style aerobics class.  We built up the moves, learning a block at a time, and putting them together.  The moves were quite basic, learning through repetition but my brain was so frazzled it still took me a few goes to get some of them!

The soundtrack was 80s style music, building up to the finale where we put it all to ‘Fame’ – as you would expect. We certainly got in lots of drag runs, and some hairography.

I didn’t find myself getting very out of breath, or my heart rate racing like in some of the classes.  But it was a laugh and a good way to get some less intense exercise.  Definitely needed after some of the more hardcore classes!


Cheerobics was my second class on the last day after BodyBalance.  I still had an hour of Insanity® to come so I thought a good aerobics class would get the day off to a good start.  Ben was off doing Fight Klub® Warrior Workout.

Again, an aerobics class, this time with pompoms.  It added some gentle toning for the arms, which was a nice touch.

The music was a mix of old and new, and we didn’t know what our finale piece of music was until we were ready for the ‘display’.

With good cheerleading ‘WHOOP’s and some great dance moves, it was more than just ‘waving pompoms’ – though that was a big part of the fun!

I found it a more intense workout than Fame (and my heart monitor/calorie counter reflected that), and perhaps more seamlessly put together.  Or perhaps I was firing on more cylinders after a good nights sleep and a good breakfast!

We never had cheerleading teams growing up in Devon, UK.  Though I’m not sure I would have taken part if there had been – I wasn’t the most sporty teenager!!! But this was a good way to get into the mindset of a ‘cheerleading squad’.

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Have you ever tried cheerleading?  Have you give 80s aerobics a go.  Tell me about your fitness experiences lately 🙂


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