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MIMM: Murder Mystery Weekend

I’ve had a couple of quiet weekends, but this is where it all kicks off 🙂

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

This weekend I hosted a Murder Mystery with my sister and her hubby, and our friends.

MIMM, Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

From left, Rev Will Beedone, Misty Visions, Ford Escort, Dr Fumbles, Cinders and Dee Minor.

I contacted Lynda at Murder Mystery Store in advance of our party – and she was really helpful.  The great thing about the boxset is that it’s a flexi set – the murderer is chosen on the night, so you can reuse it – as long as you don’t remember the guilty/innocent answers to the questions 🙂  But with 6-14 players, we can play again and not have to reuse any of the characters 🙂

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Protein Granola

Before I started on this vegan journey  I made this granola, and I thought it would be a waste not to share it with you because it really was yummy.

It was a ‘challenge’ I saw on Facebook which made me try it.  A friend of a friend posted a tongue in cheek comment requesting a low fat protein granola made and delivered.  Well, I couldn’t resist the challenge, so there and then I had a go – and got it right first time.

Actually, I love to make granola.  It’s so easy just to throw a few things together – pop it in the oven and BOOM – granola perfect for sprinkling over a breakfast smoothie, or serve with milk.

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Pay it forward #8 and 9

Sorry all, I missed my Thoughtful Thursday post last week.  But I didn’t miss ensuring I found a way to pay it forward 🙂  So here you have two weeks of ‘paying it forward‘ (sorry in the mood for a bit of pink)


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St Patrick’s Day matcha protein fudge bars

Ok, so it’s a little late for St Patricks Day.  I made them on Sunday, and was able to devour them on St Patrick’s Day – but, sorry, it’s a little late for you!

I saw the recipe on Pinterest and decided to give it a go.

What do you think?

Protein fudge, bars, protein powder

Ok, ok, not quite.  But they were tasty enough…

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Nutty St Clement’s Cake – flourless, gluten free

It’s Monday morning. It’s also St Particks Day.

I was going to go in with a green St Patrick’s Day treat, but actually, I think we all need cake!  Try this nutty St Clement’s Cake – made without flour, it can easily be made gluten free, and it’s full of healthy fats and fibre to get you through the week.

orange, lemon, cake, St Clement's cake, loaf, flourless, gluten free, no flour, no butter, no oil, almond, pistachio

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Indulgent cheesecake brownies

cheesecake, brownie, indulgent, chocolateLook at that brownie, mmm and the cheesecake layer.  You know it can’t be good for you!  But it’s so good 🙂 I managed to squeeze a bit of sweet potato in there to up the nutritional value.  But if you are looking for a healthy treat – this is not it.

If on the other hand, you want a gooey, fudgey brownie, with a layer of creamy indulgent cheesecake swirled in, then this is the recipe for you.


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Raisin cookies

I don’t want to share this recipe, I really don’t.  It’s my secret ingredient (ok, so plenty of people know so it’s not that secret), that makes these cookies so darn delicious.  And it works with all sorts of flavours.

I gave you a taster before Christmas when I shared two cookie recipes – my new cookies are a combination of the two.

It was a bit of a throw it together, and I didn’t measure out all the ingredients…

And perhaps I’ve been sharing too many sweet recipes lately, maybe I need to write up something savoury…No???

Ok, I’m stalling…but I promised some people this recipe, so I had better get on and share it…

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Chai Peanut blondies, low fat

chai, peanut, brownie, blondie

I’ve mentioned before Ben’s love of all things peanut butter.  When we saw this Peanut Hottie at the supermarket, we just had to give it a go.

(Ok, actually it went:
Ben: It sounds nice, but really I’m not sure
Emily: Oh for goodness sake, I’ll buy it then)

peanut hottie, hot, peanut, peanut butter, powder

peanut hottie

As I said, we gave it a go.

Ben quite/kinda liked it, and I knew it would be great for baking!

chai latte

chai latte

I also bought a sachet of chia latte powder to try in baking, so I thought I would throw it all together in a low fat blondie bake – yayness!

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Healthy Protein Pop tarts, vegan and gluten free options


And to share the love, I’m going to let you into this little secret:

I am in LOVE with Corina Neilsen and Live Fit!  She introduced me to healthy pop tarts, and I’m sure I will be forever grateful!

I mean, check these out!

Pop tart, protein, healthy, wrap, fruitOk, maybe LOVE is a strong word, and a little creepy as I’ve never met the woman, let me amed that to I LOVE these pop tarts, and Corina Neilsen is AWESOME for introducing me to them.

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Gluten free bread, vegan

I saw an amazing looking recipe for gluten free bread by Cara over on Fork and Beans.  Check out the post – her pictures are wonderful.  Actually, save it for a time when you’re not hungry or you’ll be diving head first into the bread bin!

I had to make it!  So first stop was to buy some milled white chia seeds and gluten free bread flour.  Cara makes her own gluten free flour mixes, but I’m sorry, but I didn’t want packets upon packets of half finished flours and powders hanging around my kitchen if it didn’t work.

Of course, Real Foods came to my rescue. But unfortunately my order was held up as they didn’t have everything in stock.  Then it took me a while to actually get on with it, so that is why it has taken me so long to bake the bread!

Take a look though!

gluten free, loaf, bread, Bob's Red Mill, chia,

Gluten free bread

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