Pay it forward #8 and 9

Sorry all, I missed my Thoughtful Thursday post last week.  But I didn’t miss ensuring I found a way to pay it forward 🙂  So here you have two weeks of ‘paying it forward‘ (sorry in the mood for a bit of pink)


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Pay it forward

So what do my photos represent this week?


I think my two weeks ago act of kindness was to take some cake into work for one of my colleagues.  Ok, so I seem to do that a fair bit 🙂  As I have mentioned before I try to take part in cake swap on a Monday with some friends.  I usually post my bakes on Facebook.  A friend through work commented on my cakes, and the rest as they say, was history – I took him in some.

Incidentally, the chocolate cake was a slice from a whole birthday cake I made for a friend’s birthday – So I guess that counts too 🙂

I signed up my Mum, brother, his girlfriend and Ben to do the Sport Relief Mile – You can still sponsor us here:  I was really proud of Mum who ran the entire way – and raised a good amount of money in the process!  I have two medals because I also did the swimathon in the morning – all for a good cause.

My final paying it forward, I haven’t delivered yet.  I saw someone had commented on a friend’s post on Facebook that they wanted a healthy high protein granola – I couln’t resist the challenge and made some before I went to bed – hope to be able to deliver it soon, and that he likes it 🙂

The final image was something I saw online – it was one of my Grampy’s favourite phrases, and it will always stick with me 🙂

What have you done this week to pay it forward?

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One thought on “Pay it forward #8 and 9

  1. […] For anyone who is a regular reader and knows I did the Sport Relief Mile – I didn’t ask for sponsorship because I didn’t feel I was challenging myself […]

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