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Entering 2015

new yearHi all. The time of the year has come when we make those resolutions, to be better people, to drink less, to exercise more, to be that person you really want to be or whatever resolutions you’ve made.

I don’t make resolutions. My theory for some years has been that I am always striving to be the best me that I can be, I don’t want to make a big deal for New Year or Lent.

Over the last 12 months I’ve gained a few pounds, I’ve ‘broken-up’ with the scale,  I seem to be finding ‘me’ again.  That girl who is fun, is part of the crowd, is kind and will do anything for anyone who so much as gives her the time of day.

For too long I’ve been afraid of being that person – I don’t measure up; I can’t put myself forward because someone out there will do it better; I want to do kind and helpful things, but chicken out because it might not be good enough or might not be well received.

Now, I’ve started to put myself forward for stuff at work; I take homemade goodies to friends when they are under the weather; I bought a few extra Christmas presents for people when I saw something I knew they would like; I’ve tried to make dreams come true.

So why is there a part of me which longs to be that skinny, afraid girl who was constantly measuring herself against other people and finding herself wanting?

I guess that is the nature of the Eating Disorder.  It always finds me wanting. However, as I’ve broken so many habits this year, I guess that voice will get quieter as the real me shines through.

I wish you all the best for 2015 – may it be a happy, healthy year for you and I hope you make all your dreams come true! xxx


WIAW #40

Hey hey! Happy Hump Day!  It’s so close to Christmas I can almost taste it… just 3 days of work to go!!

As you will have seen I have been to many parties lately, with Christmas coming and Ben’s 30th last weekend it’s been a party riot.  So what have I been eating? Well, I’ve not been consistent with taking photos – sometimes the food is so good it makes me forget to be a good blogger 🙂 But here’s a ‘taste’ for What I ate WednesdayWIAW Continue reading

MIMM – another weekend, another party

Hi all. Happy Monday.

This weekend Ben turned 30. After the Surprise party last weekend we had another full weekend of celebrations 🙂 Once with the gym crew, and a family meal.

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

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MIMM – My excellent weekend

I have just had the most excellent weekend – so i just had to share it on My MIMM post

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

Ben has a big birthday next weekend, I’ve had in my mind an idea for a surprise party for the last two years – yes years! – and it all came together.

As if that wasn’t enough, I attended a second surprise party (and made the cake) and spent 4 hours taking part in a ‘Get in the Picture’ nativity scene with Exeter Vineyard Church – what more could a girl ask for???

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WIAW #39 and the Coconut Collaborative

I’ve slacked off somewhat with WIAW – I’ve been so busy.  Then I forget to take photos.  This week is no different on that front – but at least I’ve managed to get this written up – sort of.  Forgive me.

What I ate Wednesday, WIAWAs you know, I hosted a Murder Mystery at the weekend – so here is my food from the day:



I bought some Coconut yogurt from the Coconut Collaborative – I usually eat Co Yo, so it was good to try something different. It came in such gorgeous packaging, and I loved the little packet of seeds that were folded into the cardboard outer.

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MIMM: Murder Mystery Weekend

I’ve had a couple of quiet weekends, but this is where it all kicks off 🙂

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

This weekend I hosted a Murder Mystery with my sister and her hubby, and our friends.

MIMM, Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

From left, Rev Will Beedone, Misty Visions, Ford Escort, Dr Fumbles, Cinders and Dee Minor.

I contacted Lynda at Murder Mystery Store in advance of our party – and she was really helpful.  The great thing about the boxset is that it’s a flexi set – the murderer is chosen on the night, so you can reuse it – as long as you don’t remember the guilty/innocent answers to the questions 🙂  But with 6-14 players, we can play again and not have to reuse any of the characters 🙂

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