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Paying it forward and vegan mayo recipe

I have to confess that I’m rather falling out of love with my Paying it Forward challenge.  It’s not that don’t want to do ‘kind’ things, but I’m fed up with feeling accountable for it.  I mean, when I am helping someone or doing good, I want to feel that I have done something positive – not feel that I can check another good deed off the list.

I guess that’s where RANDOM acts of kindness come in – you just do it randomly, when the mood takes you, or you see someone in need.  Not because you set yourself a challenge, and are too stubborn to give it up.

Perhaps, I need to give it some more thought, and re-group. See how I feel when I’ve had chance to see how I feel.

So this week, my good deed is to share with you this amazing vegan mayonnaise recipe 🙂 It’s Allergy Awareness week – so here is my version of mayonnaise which is egg free, dairy free, gluten free and nut free – gotta be good!

vegan, mayonnaise, tahini,

Sorry – just realised how rubbish this pic is…

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Thoughtful Thursday #12 & #13

Oh dear, I appear to be slacking on my Pay it forward posts.  Sorry, I must hold myself more accountable.

Today is Pay it Forward Day, so I really should get a post out 🙂

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Paying it forward #11

It’s Thoughtful Thursday, when I typically write about things I’ve done in the week to ‘pay it forward‘.  That is doing a kind deed, which then spreads. You do something kind for someone, they then do something for someone else and so it goes on.

I just googled it, and discovered that two weeks today it is ‘Pay it Forward Day‘ – that is Thursday 24th April 2014.  How cool is that!

I don’t mind the thought of 3 acts of kindess – I’m more concerned about asking them to do three acts of kindness in return.

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Paying it forward week #10

Somehow Thoughtful Thursday completely passed me by.  But that hadn’t stopped me in my quest to pay it forward this last week.

During the working week I sit on one of two desks – I spend half the week in one office, half in another.  Somehow I have managed to acquire an orchid on each desk.  I think they have both ended up on my desk from ladies who have gone on maternity leave.

The orchids have previously flowered, and were looking a bit on the sad side.  I have tried feeding and watering them, but what they really needed was to be repotted.  So I sent Ben out for a couple of repotting kits and got stated.

pay it forward, paying it forward, good deed, orchid, repotting

Pay it forward #10

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Pay it forward #8 and 9

Sorry all, I missed my Thoughtful Thursday post last week.  But I didn’t miss ensuring I found a way to pay it forward 🙂  So here you have two weeks of ‘paying it forward‘ (sorry in the mood for a bit of pink)


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Paying it Forward #7

Welcome to week 7 of paying it forward.  I’m still coming up with new ideas 🙂

pay it forward, random acts of kindness, gifts

pay it forward

This week my ‘paying it forward’ acts have come in all shapes and sizes 🙂

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Paying it forward #6

I’ve had a busy week.  I was away for a long weekend, and I’ve been busy either side.  So, I was racking my brains trying to remember what I had done to ‘pay it forward‘.  I thought I was going to have to break into some of my back up ideas.  But then I realised – I gave blood this week.  If that’s not an act of kindness I don’t know what is!

I didn’t do a ‘selfie’ or anything to how to represent it pictorally?

pay it forward

Pay it forward #6

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Paying it forward week #5

Thoughtful Thursday, Random Act of Kindness, Paying it forwardHello and welcome to another Thoughtful Thursday.

Last week I raised the question of whether re-gifting/reusing/recycling counts as a kindness. Is ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ worthy of the title ‘random act of kindness’.  The response was that ‘yes’ these little tokens do count.

But a friend raised another question in response “What is a RANDOM act of kindness, as opposed to an act of kindness?” and that got me thinking.

act of kindness, pay it forward

Facebook comment

So my instant thought was random was unexpected – but who goes around expecting an act of kindness?

So I looked up the dictionary definition of random (thanks Google)

“odd, unusual, or unexpected.”

And I get where the thought is coming from, but I no longer want my acts of kindness to be odd or unusual – it is a part of who I am.  Therefore I will stick with paying it forward or acts of kindness.

Plus I got some new ideas 🙂

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Paying it forward week #4

It’s THURSDAY – so let’s make this THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY! Oh yeah, I can get on board with this!

This week I wanted to say that I had delivered my second of the Facebook Paying it Forward acts, but I haven’t seen the recipient, so I’m still carrying it around with me.  However, this has not stopped me doing other RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.

Paying it forward, random acts of kindness, random act of kindess

Paying it forward week #4

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Pay it forward week #3

So, here is my third week of Paying it forward.

pay it forward, random act of kindness

Pay it forward week #3

I completed my first ‘pay it forward’ act from the Facebook post which kicked it all off.

pay it forward, random act of kindness, new year, resolution,

Facebook post

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