Lent weekend

Hi all! We got back last night.

I am so thankful that we had a wonderful weekend away. We went to Fitness Fiesta, almost a year on from our first one in Bristol.  We were back in Beaumont House.

beaumont house, fitness fiesta,

I am thankful that I got to spend time with my very best friend. A weekend away together is like being in our own little world.

We made the most of the classes, and I am thankful for the vast array:


  • Les Mills Sh’bam™ with Shey Sheyovich
  • Fight Klub® Bag Box with Chrissy Harper


  • Les Mills Body Balance™ with Rhian Toates
  • Fight Klub® MMA-cise with Chrissy Harper
  • Triple Challenge with Marvin Burton
  • Step up & Party with Gary Daniels
  • Abs & Asses with Richard Callender
  • Rock the Ballet with Michelle Peak
  • Soulful Stretch with Richard Callender


  • Les Mills Body Balance™ with Rhian Toates
  • Beastie Ball and Rumble Roller with Marvin Burton
  • Yoga Fusion with Beko Kaygee
  • Sunday Stretch and Revitalise with Gary Daniels

I am thankful for the great instructors, I’ve never had Marvin, Chrissy or Richard before and I thought they were great.

I loved some of the tips i picked up from the instructors

  • Chilean red wine is good for the levels of antioxidants, Australian is more likely to have pesticides.
  • If you are stressed, and you exercise you are putting more stress on the body and building up cortisol – you’re better off having a hot bath and relaxing before.
  • A square of Green and Blacks in the roof of your mouth and left to melt is great for raising serotonin.
  • I learned a lot in the Beastie Ball and Rumble Roller class.  I already had a Rumble Roller, though I didn’t know that’s what it is. I bought a Beastie Ball which I intend to use regularly to help recovery.

All in all a great weekend, I really am very grateful for a wonderful time.


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