Gram flour dumplings; vegan, gluten free

I’ve probably mentioned before that we have soup on Wednesdays.  This time I wanted something a bit different with my soup – I thought I would try dumplings!

Ben likes dumplings but invariably they are made with suet or a butter dough.  Add to that the refined white flour and..well, I’ve not had dumplings for myself for years.

I have in the past had disaster dumplings. There was one time at home with my Mum and brother when I made a lemon sauce for chicken, and the dumplings absorbed the flavour and ended up sour.  Another time – again with Mum and Josh – I made beautiful suet dumplings, they came out looking perfect.  BUT, when they tasted them they were awful!  I checked the packet on the suet – it was seriously out of date. That promptly went in the bin!

But when you get it right with light, fluffy dough flavoured with gravy on the bottom, slightly crisp and crunchy on the top – Mmmm, perfect.

gram flour, chickpea flour, chickpea, dumpling, stew

I was making soup and intended to have a socca on the side.  But on the spur of the moment I added a couple of dessert spoonfuls of the mixture on the top of my soup. To give it a go try my usual go-to socca recipe: 50g gram flour, pinch of bicarbonate of soda, water (about 100ml I think) and seasoning/herbs of your choice. I placed the lid on the saucepan and simmered the soup for about 10-15 minutes just until they had set.

These are more dense than your typical suet or bread dumplings, but I was really impressed with how they turned out.  When I popped them out of the soup the bottoms were just what I wanted.  The gravy had stared to seep in and the veg was sticking to the bottom of the dumpling.

I made a mozzarella socca with the remaining mixture – just in case it didn’t work – but next time I might just make dumplings.

Tell me about a time when you were pleasantly surprised by an idea in a kitchen which worked. On the flip side, tell me a time when things REALLY didn’t go to plan 🙂



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