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Rough puff

I’ve mentioned making pastry before, but I’ve not given you a recipe.  Ben wanted a giant sausage roll, so I made my own rough-puff.  It makes a light and flaky pastry, and it’s quick – most of the time is spent waiting for it to chill.

sausage roll, rough puff, pastry, flaky pastry

sausage roll

Proper puff pastry can take half a day to make, but this will be ready to cook with in under an hour.

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Top 10 posts of 2013

Hello all you lovely people!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Are you making your way through a ton of leftovers?  Are you perhaps desperate to get back to the gym?  I know I am.  The weather has been rubbish as well as being busy.  I’ve turned my Mum’s living room into an exercise studio every morning for some heart pumping dance moves, followed by some body weight resistance – whoop whoop.

I’ve also got exercise in other ways:



hahaha! Needless to say, I lost 🙂

Anyway, now to my top posts of 2013 – or of all time, as I only started the blog in May.

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Sweet potato energy bites

One more sleep to go! It’s Christmas Eve for anyone who celebrates – we do 🙂

I’ll keep this short and sweet – just like me.

I’ve posted every day since I started writing my blog back in May, so I’m going to take a few days off to enjoy the festive season with family.  Don’t worry, I’ll be planning some new posts, including a step-by-step guide for making puff pastry.  It’s so easy but looks so good!

But before I go, I’ll leave you with this recipe for sweet potato energy bites.  I’ve been making them (along with my ultimate energy bites and banana bread bites) to give as gifts – pretty, and healthy too 🙂  Better than truffles!

energy bites, dates, sweet potato, banana, maca, protein powder

Energy bites

If you want to see the recipe for banana bread bites see my Facebook page

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Paleo pumpkin ‘bread’

paleo, grain free, gluten free, detox, bread, loaf, pumpkin, squash, uchiki kuri,
Now I decided not to do raw ’til 4, I can indulge in more cooked food.  I started by making this paleo pumpkin bread.  It’s made with homemade squash puree, eggs, nuts and held together with coconut flour.
Coconut flour is strange stuff – I’m not sure if I really like it.  But it is great for absorbing water – you can’t just exchange regular flour for it in a recipe, but it helps to keep things low carb and grain free.
Nourished Kitchen tells about the interesting nutritional facts: Coconut flour is rich in protein, fibre and good fats.  It is rich in manganese which helps the body to use other nutrients including vitamin c, thiamin and choline and biotin which are found in eggs which feature in this recipe – yay!
According to Nourished Kitchen:
Manganese also supports bone health, nervous system function, thyroid health and helps to maintain optimal blood sugar levels.
I really enjoyed having it alongside my lunchtime salad, and then made a couple of slices into eggy bread for breakfast – yes, that’s a healthy hot chocolate alongside, made with more pumpkin puree 🙂 yay!
paleo, pumpkin, bread, loaf, eggy bread, mackerel salad, grain free, gluten free

Detox so far, review

So, I’ve now been on the detox for 2 weeks.  Have I been perfect?  No!  I’ve tried to use the guidelines to stay healthy and avoid adding a few pre-Christmas pounds.

I’ve enjoyed some stunning recipes, and embraced raw food, despite the cold weather.  I’ve been eating frozen smoothies, and salads galore – thank goodness we don’t have the cold that others are experiencing at the moement!

detox, review, raw til 4, vegan, rawClockwise from the top: tempeh with zoodles (courgette noodles), leek strips and brussels sprouts; chicken salad with roasted vegetables and almond ‘cheese’; chocolate chip mousse – vegan with added spinach; maqui berry mousse; raw salad with cauliflower tabbouleh, shredded carrot, almond ‘cheese’ and some naughty grapes; grain-free savoury porridge stuffed mushroom; cashew slaw; raw broccoli, carrot and kale salad with tahini dressing.

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How to joint a rabbit

If you’re waiting for ‘a week of…’ post you’ll have to wait until tomorrow – sorry, just to many parties 🙂

Instead let’s have a tutorial.  Please note: not a vegan or vegetarian tutorial!

A few weeks ago I showed you that I bought a rabbit from the Farmer’s Market.  Don’t worry, it hasn’t been sat in my fridge all that time, I just haven’t gotten around to writing the post.  Plus I’m sort of afraid my sister will find out I cooked a rabbit.

She doesn’t read my blog though 🙂

Rabbit is a healthy meat – It has been said to be the healthiest meat known to man.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but it is low in fat and cholesterol, but high in protein and a very good source of vitamin B12.

I had been told that rabbit does better in a stew rather than roasting it, so I needed to joint it first.  I was a bit intimidated by it to be honest.  But I took a Sunday afternoon, and got to jointing it.

There are plenty of online tutorials, try this one from Jamie Oliver (because I have a bit of a crush on him.)

But it wasn’t easy to watch a video and work at the same time – you can’t really press pause when you have your hands in a rabbit (sorry).  So I read and watched a few online tutorials, and then got on with it.

jointing, rabbit, loin, dissecting,

jointing a rabbit

You can see how nervous I look!

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No grain porridge, gluten free

Oh my goodness, I think I’m in love.  I had sweet (no added sugar) grain free porridge for dinner – yes, porridge made without oats – and it was great!!!

grain free, porridge, cauliflower, almond milk, flaxseed, eggsI first saw the idea pop up in my stream on Pinterest.  My initial thought was – YUK, quickly follow by – “I wanna try that!”

It came from Vanessa Romero at Healthy Living How To

So what IS it made from?  Read on to find out…

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The festive cookie post

It seems everyone is posting cookie recipes at the moment.  So I got on the bandwagon and gave a couple of recipes a go.  They were a huge hit.  I seem to have stumbled on a hit regarding office food.

Big cakes, cupcakes and pies can be around for a few days, but these cookies disappeared as fast as I could make them!

I decided to share both recipes with you in one post – so enjoy!

White chocolate and cranberry…or and…Mincemeat cookies

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WIAW: Christmas parties on a detox

So detoxing during the run up to Christmas sounds like a fab idea – you will feel great on the big day itself, you will avoid piling on the pounds and look great in that new outfit.

But of course, you have to navigate the Christmas parties.  And in addition, it was Ben’s birthday this weekend – roll on the birthday cake

birthday cake, cookie, layer cake, cookie layer cake, peanut butter, choc chip cookie, biscuit

Ben’s birthday cake

I didn’t have a slice, but I may have had a nibble or two of the mixture while I was making it :-/ Not detox friendly at all!!!

So what did I eat at our Christmas party, and Ben’s birthday – well, I tried to stay on track.  Here it is:

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Raw vegan lasagne

It’s time for another detox meal.  It seems every raw food blogger out there has posted a raw vegan lasagne.

To be honest, the idea never appealed to me.  Perhaps I liked real lasagne too much, perhaps I didn’t want to be eating so many nuts in one go, perhaps I just didn’t want a plate full of raw courgette and cucumber.

BUT now I am on the detox, I was willing to give it a go.

I checked out a few recipes, and then decided to combine the ideas to create my own.  I’m sure this one has been done to death, I just happened to look at other blogs.

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