Fitness Collection

HG Sports Therapy, Sports Therapy, Sports Massage

HG Sports Therapy

Synrgy 360

Synrgy 360

7 minute workout, scientific, circuit, interval training

Ideas for Holiday fitness


An indoor rowing interval workout

Les Mills, Body Jam, BodyJam, dance

Beam fit, Beam, BeamFit

Insanity, HIIT, Interval Training, Max Interval Training

Insanity class review

tabata, HIIT, High intensity, interval training, interval, exercise, HIT, High intensity training

Tabata review ( photo taken from their website)

Cheerobics, cheerleading, aerobics

Fitness Fiesta: Cheerobics and Fame

Drums alive, fitball

Drums Alive® and Chillaxation

Fitness Fiesta

Fitness Fiesta

Polar FT4, heart rate monitor, pulse, calorie tracker

Polar FT4

booty challenge, bum workout, 30 day butt challenge, 30 day challenge

Booty challenge

30 day squat challenge, squat workout

30 day squat challenge

30 day ab challenge

30 day Abs workout


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  1. […] Fitness Collection […]

  2. […] Fitness Collection […]

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