September workout: Booty Challenge

This time I’m posting in time so that you can start with me 1st September.

September’s challenge is going to work your bum!

booty challenge, bum workout, 30 day butt challenge, 30 day challenge

Ok, so it’s a 26 day challenge, I might just keep going until the end of the month.

Monkey squat was new to me, so I had to look into it.  According to Ripped Goddess: the monkey squat re-establishes the squat.

You will use your quads, buttocks & long muscles of the back (erector spinae) to stabilise and strengthen these muscles.

Keeping your feet close together, support yourself into and out of a flowing squat:

monkey squat, booty challengeFor a video, see Jilian Michaels

We used to do Superman Planks at our abs class.  It is a great exercise to  strengthen the posterior chain muscles, You will be working your back, muffin top, glutes, legs, arms.

superman exerciseThank you FitSugar for these images.

I’ve loved the Bridge exercise since I started pilates when I was at University. It isolates and strengthens the bum muscles and hamstrings  (back of the upper leg) as well as your abdominal muscles and lower back and hip.

Ensure you roll your back up one vertebrae at a time to get into the position, then roll down again.

Bridge exercise, booty challengeYou can view a ‘How To’ guide on WikiHow.

Who’s with me???

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2 thoughts on “September workout: Booty Challenge

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  2. Sam August 14, 2014 at 5:49 am Reply

    These booty workouts will really helpful to me to attain a very good sexy shape for my booty, also offers effective workouts.

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