Fitness Friday: Synrgy

I decided to sign up for a month’s summer membership at the gym at work.  I’ve always said I can’t justify running two memberships.  I;ve always stuck with the gym at home because my friends are at my home gym, and it’s so convenient being right next door.

But, the work gym has a good range of classes that I don’t get at my home gym.  They offered a one month’s summer membership – no need to cancel – so I thought I would give it a go.

I started with an early morning (7.30am) Synrgy class.  I didn’t know what to expect, other than the class description:

Fast and furious, Synrgy provides a full throttle fitness blast.

Using the unique multi-station apparatus, Synrgy turns the gym into a 30 minute fitness disco. Motivational music, count down timers and Synrgy’s own lighting rig will help you power through as you lift, squat, press, dip and move your way to functional muscle strength.

Synrgy 360

Synrgy 360

I liked the countdown timers and music that we could hear around the station.  One of my real bugbears about some exercise classes is not being able to prepare myself.  When your instructor says you are doing 30 seconds of an exercise, I prepare myself for that.  If we are still going at 45 seconds and onwards I am not a happy bunny.  Don’t get me wrong, if you say 45 seconds or 1 minute, I’ll try my best to do it, but it’s just managing expectations.

So, other than music dedicated to our area so you could hear your cue to start and stop, and the times that were visible all around the stations, what else was there?

In place Synrgy 360

In place Synrgy 360

According to the class description:

Short sharp exercise bursts are interspersed with rests periods to keep the intensity high, heart rate up, and muscles working. The exercise combinations of Synrgy are almost limitless, using kettle bells, battle ropes, TRXs, ViPrs, jump boxes, chin-up bars, floor ladders, medicine balls and much more.

So each session is different and can be tailored to suit.  My class looked like this:

30 seconds work: 15 seconds recovery.  8 stations, 4 rounds:

  1. ViPr clean and press
  2. push-up burpee
  3. TRX tricep row
  4. gliding discs plank
  5. step up shoulder press
  6. kettlebell goblet squat
  7. weighted raised leg squat
  8. kneeling ‘superman’

During the ‘time under tension’ exercises I found it hard to go slow.  For me, working at max has always been equated with speed, so it was a step change really learning to perform the moves (in particular the plank and superman) slowly and with precision.  I also kept getting told of for not relaxing at the bottom of my squat.  I quickly learned that this meant stay at the bottom for a fraction of a second – most of my classes encourage you to keep moving!

I started with a lighter ViPr, but moved to a heavier one on the second round.  I would have loved to return to the lighter ViPr for the third round, but the instructor was having none of that! I was happy he pushed me to get more out of the exercise.

So how do I feel after 24 hours?  A bit sore in the back and shoulders, and there is noticable ‘tightness’ in my lower abs (I’m not saying you can see a visible difference – only that, I suppose, In the same way you would say your legs are stiff – but it doesn’t sound the same when you are talking about your stomach).  It takes a lot for my abs to feel sore, so this class seems to have nailed it.

I’ve already booked myself in for next week!

Have you tried out the Synrgy 360?  Or indeed gliding discs, ViPr or TRX?  What are your favourite moves?  Do you like HIIT or steady state cardio?


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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Synrgy

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