Fitness Friday: Polar FT4

Oh yeah, I bought myself a new toy.

Polar FT4, heart rate monitor, pulse, calorie tracker

Polar FT4

I was inspired by my lovely friend with a fab name 🙂 and finally justified the purchase to myself.  It comes in a number of colours, but I fell in love with the bronze/orange.

I was very excited when it came – though I must say to Mr ParcelForce: “if you can hear our hoover going, it’s likely we can’t hear you.  Try the window right next to the front door.  I know you were waiting a while, but no need to be quite so grumpy with my husband”

A grimace of excitement

A grimace of excitement

Thanks Ben for capturing the moment.

So, how have I found it?  So far so good!

It comes with a transmitter which attaches to a fabric chest strap.  I found it easier to put on than a bra strap, and no less comfortable.  You simply run it under water before putting on to ensure a good connection.

I found it wasy to set up, simply set the language, input the date and time, your date of birth, weight, height and sex, and it gives you an accuate reading of your heart rate and calories burned.

I did that thing where you start to read the instructions (I tend to read the ‘how to look after your product’ and ‘getting started’) and decided I knew enough to give it a go.

As a result my whole yoga session was interrupted by intermittent bleeping – oops! I soon rectified it by looking at the instruction manual when I got home.

When I tried it on the cross trainer, I noticed that it gave a different reading.  It goes to show that the gym machines give a generic reading.

polar monitor, cross trainer, x-trainer

x-trainer versus watch

154 calories on the x-trainer, 133 on the heart rate monitor watch.

You get screens for max heart rate, calories, and time in zone.

I noticed that when I did a run on the treadmill it didn’t record the times that I was over my target heart rate zone.  I spoke to my circuits instructor and he is a firm believer in High Intensity Training (HIT) so he didn’t think it was a problem I was above my target.

I am assured that you can override the predetermined training zones if you know your body better 🙂

I burned 315 calories in my circuits class (4 circuits of 14 stations).  I was working for 51 minutes, which – bearing in mind I am only small at 5’3 – he thought was good.

It has a memory for 10 workouts, which means you don’t have to write it down as soon as you finish, but I’m definitely going to keep track of any progress I make 🙂

So far I’m really pleased with my Polar FT4 – it is a great start for someone who is new to tracking your heart rate and calories.


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