Fitness Friday: BeamFit

Beam fit, Beam, BeamFitIt’s Good Friday, and I’m off work- the gym is closed too – whatever am I going to do with myself?  Anyways, I know I’m not going to miss another Fitness Friday post.  Sorry about last week guys and gals.

This week we’re toning it down a notch from the HIT (High Intensity Training) for something a bit more relaxed.  My second class of our Fitness weekend (my goodness was it really 6 weeks ago???) was BeamFit, although low tempo this worked the body completely differently and was thus still hard work.  Ben didn’t join me in this one – he went off to spinning.

beamfit-activity-beamThankfully the beam is low to the ground – not like the beams you might have had at school, or know from gymnastics routines.  The Beam was a soft grey high-density piece of foam, which you use barefoot meaning that from the moment you step on it your core is working hard to keep you balanced.

The class was taken by Beko Kaygee – awesomely cool and relaxed you wouldn’t know from his calm demeanour that his background is in Tai Chi, Ren Shin Kai Karate, Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Wu Shu Kwan, Kateda, Capoeira (yes, I googled him).

It was a take on Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga – all performed with the aid of the beam.

We got warmed up with a few balance exercises including:

  • leg swings, constantly moving
  • leg swing into a balance
  • and scissor jumps

Beko explained that using the beam benefits all your other exercises too.  My engaging your core throughout you are training your postural (everyday) muscles, rather than the muscles dedicated to exercise.

From balance, we moved into toning exercises such as

  • side leg raise
  • lunges off the beam
  • squat to the side of the beam
  • dynamic (moving) bridge pose on the beam
  • twists – standing on the beam facing forward and bringing you arms in and out.
  • V-sits/boat pose

Beko came and adjusted my form on the twists, and I was able to twist much further after a tweak here and there.

We also used the beam for movement based exercises, doing salsa moves, and walking up and down the beam to get a feel for the space around us.

To finish off the class we did some yoga stretches including the pigeon pose and hamstring stretches (to be honest, I can’t remember what this was, I’m going by notes I made on the day.

When doing all the exercises you have to concentrate fully on what you are doing, rather like meditation, and low and behold if your mind wanders so does your balance.

I came away feeling that I should have chosen a more intense class and got more of a sweat on.  But actually I was glad to try something a bit different, and I had plenty of opportunity to try more intense cardio workouts – there is more to fitness than just calorie burn.

Have you tried Beam fitness – also known as Beaming (I like that!)?  Do you incorporate some lower intensity, perhaps pilates, yoga or tai chi into your workouts?

ai Chi, Ren Shin Kai Karate, Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Wu Shu Kwan, Kateda, Capoeira, – See more at:

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