24th May – Happy Blogiversary


Wow – It’s been 1 year since I wrote and published my first post!

My friends had been nagging me (you know who you are) to start a blog and Ben agreed.  He helped me to come up with the blog name – IT COMES NATURALLY – while we were walking in the mountains on holiday in Cyprus for my sister’s wedding.

cyprusI’ve written gluten free, vegan and healthy recipes.  I’ve written cake and cookie recipes, and I’ve joined the What I ate Wednesday Community.

I learned all about Clean Eating and tried Clean and Lean by James Duigan.  I tried a Detox, and I’ve gone vegan.

We’ve been on holiday to Germany for our first wedding anniversary, and we went to Fitness Fiesta in Bristol.

In fact, fitness has remained as imprortant to me as ever.

We bought a house and started to learn how to do DIY.

We’ve made some new friends, but we lost a good friend in the last year – never forgotten.

What achievements have you had in the last 12 months?  What do you hope for for the next 12 months? What sort of posts would you like going forward?


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