Fitness Fiesta: Beaumont House Nov ’14

Yep, we’ve done it again. We’ve been for a weekend at Fitness Fiesta – a full weekend of exercise classes.

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

This autumn session there isn’t a weekend in Bristol – our nearest venue. It was a toss-up between Beaumont House in Windsor, or Hinckley Island In Leicestershire.

We had a 3 hour journey to get to Windsor so we set off shortly after breakfast. One day I will learn not to leave packing to the last minute – this weekend was not that day!


The White House

On arrival I was surprised how huge the hotel was – more like a complex of rooms and corridors.

We arrived and found a fairly long queue at reception – I wasn’t prepared for this as at Bristol we turned up after the first class had started. They were taking money for lunch vouchers on Saturday, but, as we later discovered, they didn’t appear to have any change. 2 meal tickets at £7.50 each, I handed over £20 and after a 5 minute wait I got 10 x 50p coins.  At least I got my change 🙂

Ben waited in the queue while I went to find a toilet, and along the way I found the fitness Fiesta reception with our class tickets. We had each submitted 4 choices, 3 of which were the same – we knew that we would only be allocated 2 of our choices, but we came away with completely different classes.

If we wanted extra classes it meant queuing up at 8.30 the next morning. I thought it was badly organised because the first class was 8.00-8.45, meaning, if we wanted tickets we would miss the first BodyBalance session. That was my mind made up – I would rather miss a morning stretch and get to do some of the ticketed classes with Ben.

However, it didn’t quite work out that way. We went down to breakfast just after 7.30 to find a queue forming – turned out there was a miscommunication and some of the information said 7.30.

It was a fair sized mess-up. When the staff realised, they tried to shut the queue down but the people queuing didn’t want to give up their spaces, the people who came at 8.30 and found the tickets gone weren’t going to be happy.

104_0407When we booked I had to pay extra for a Superior room because they had run out of standard rooms – I have no idea if our room was actually superior – nice enough bed with room enough for both of us, a sofa, TV, desk and all your usual hotel room amenities. I was a bit disappointed with the tea and coffee – only 2 teabags and some coffee sachets and no biscuits – rubbish, I love a free biscuit 🙂


By the time we got through reception we had about 20 minutes to find our room and get changed for the first class.  We got there just in time, and into the weekend we went 🙂 I’ll write up reviews of the classes over the coming weeks.

The evening meal was good – buffet style 3 course meal.  You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to hear about the food, but here’s a sneaky peek:

food collageOur meals were served in the restaurant, which meant Ben and I could have a table for two, which I really enjoyed – it felt a bit laboured at Bristol having to share a table with 6 other people.  But it did mean that we had to relocate for the entertainment, a DJ on Friday night in the bar, and live entertainment followed by a DJ on Saturday. We didn’t stay late, but I managed to get Ben up and dancing to a few songs.

We didn’t have internet access all weekend – you could have an hour free, but I was so busy for most of the weekend that I didn’t have time to sign it up. You could pay for a 24 hour code but it didn’t seem worth it (Ben used his free hour to check the sports scores and post a pre-dinner selfie of the two of us – it might have been my idea 🙂 )

pre-diner selfieSpeaking of selfies, here’s our pre- and post-Insanity selfie

sweaty selfieSunday morning in the chapel – it certainly had me praying.

Can you spot us?

By this point my butt really hurt, sooo many squats, lunges and all manner of things going on all weekend.

It was a full and fun-packed weekend.  Between 2.30pm on Friday and 1pm on Sunday I manged to fit in 13 classes!  I have to say though, few of them were a full hour.

So what classes did I clock up?


  • TWERK! with Zoe McNulty
  • LES MILLS SH’BAM™ with Phil Harrison
  • PIYO® with Beki Gerrard


  • DANCE TO DANCE with Claudio Melamed
  • BURLESQUE DOLLS with Michelle Peak
  • XCO® GLADIATOR with Gary Daniels
  • LES MILLS GRIT™ CARDIO with Marc Downey
  • UGI® BALL with Gillian Reeves
  • COREBAR® VITAL with Kristin Larsen


  • LES MILLS BODY BALANCE™ with Ricky Long
  • INSANITY® with Beki Gerrard and Antony Heap
  • LADIES NIGHT with Jo Cooper and Jo Parry

We even found time for a quick walk around the grounds and a dip in the pool.  All in all we had a great weekend.

Have you ever been for a fitness holiday/weekend?

What classes would you have liked to try?

What are your current favourite exercise classes?


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