Healthy Protein Pop tarts, vegan and gluten free options


And to share the love, I’m going to let you into this little secret:

I am in LOVE with Corina Neilsen and Live Fit!  She introduced me to healthy pop tarts, and I’m sure I will be forever grateful!

I mean, check these out!

Pop tart, protein, healthy, wrap, fruitOk, maybe LOVE is a strong word, and a little creepy as I’ve never met the woman, let me amed that to I LOVE these pop tarts, and Corina Neilsen is AWESOME for introducing me to them.

I’ve decided that improvisation is the name of the game here.  As you can see, I’ve used pitta pockets and wholewheat wraps (wraps were my favourite) I’m sure you could happily use a gluten free version; I’ve used cottage chese, blueberries and protein powder (vegan if required) in varying amounts. I’ve tried the recipe without coconut flour, and as long as you have a thickener it works (this could be soft cheese, chia seeds, or just using less liquid)

Honestly, I can’t write this post as well as Corina has, so go check out her pop tarts here or here

Perhaps I can give some of these flavours a go next 🙂

Rare, pop tart,

Rare Pop Tarts

If I could reach you, I would totally give you one of these:

Valentine's Hearts, Valentine's Days, white choc white chococlate, mint, candy cane

Valentine’s Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day – What are you doing to celebrate today?


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2 thoughts on “Healthy Protein Pop tarts, vegan and gluten free options

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  2. […] my exercise I refueled with a healthy ‘pop tart wrap‘.  I blitzed together tinned pumpkin, banana, cacao powder and black beans and filled half a […]

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