MIMM: weekend celebrations

I’ve just had a marvellous weekend catching up with my school friend, so I had to write my Marvelous in My Mondays post – reflecting on a weekend with great friends.

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

Saturday kicked off as always with BodyCombat. It was a haaard session, we pushed it to the max.  Back home for a quick shower before we were on our way to Bristol to catch up with my very good friend from school.

We spent some time chatting and catching up with all the gossip in our lives before we took a walk into town.  We stopped at this fabulous little cafe on St Nicholas Street called the Playground Coffee House.

As you can see we sat on swings suspended from scaffolding poles.  There was a stash of board games on the side of the table and we had a round of Dirty Minds while we drank our tea and coffee.

Dirty Minds

Dirty Minds

The coffee was good, and the tea was looseleaf –  but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday for that.

We decided that we would have a look round the St Nicholas Market before we headed back to get ready for a night out.

Bristol with friends

Bristol with friends

You wouldn’t believe I’d been woken by the rain the night before, would you?!

We started with a meal at Za Za Bazaar an all you can eat world banquet bar. We had lovely views over the harbour, and made the most of our time limit.

When we were all stuffed we went to find ourselves a drink and a sit down to let our tummies settle before we went dancing.

We stumbled across The King William, which we were informed is also known as the King Bill, and the King B 🙂 Ben settled on an organic lager.

Pure Brewed Organic Lager

Pure Brewed Organic Lager

Most of their drinks are vegan and they had a wide selection of ales, lager, cider and spirits.

Once we had finished, those still standing went for a dance. We ended up at Thekla a nightclub in a converted German cargo ship moored in Bristol Harbour.

Two floors of music, a great atmosphere, and we were lucky enough to get in before the queues.  However, it was £5 per person to get in, and the beer didn’t come cheap so we stuck to water after that.


Sunday came and although we intended to set off early to get home, we were invited to my friend’s church, Severn Vineyard, where her fiance and housemates were playing the band.

Severn Vineyard Church

Severn Vineyard Church

Housed in an old Firestation, the church was funky and modern – but it really was the people who made it such a great place to be.  It turned out that it was the 5th anniversary of the church, so we started with a non-alcoholic toast with fizzy grape juice and cake, before we got into the worship.  The music was great – rocking it out with a full band.

I won’t got into details, as I’m sure it isn’t ‘for’ you all – but the ‘sermon’ – which was more like Bible Study – talked about James chapter 3 and gave me some new perspectives on the text.

It being lunchtime, we made our way into Cabot Circus and decided on Coal Bar and Grill for lunch.  Fed and watered we made our way back home via some supermarket shopping, back for cuddles with young Saffy


Was your weekend Marvellous? What did you get up to?

Ever been to a quirky cafe?  Tell me about your experiences.


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3 thoughts on “MIMM: weekend celebrations

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