He thinks; she thinks

Looking at the title – let’s make this Thinking out Loud shall we? 🙂


I had Friday off work.  We had evening plans, so I took the day off to give more time for travel, and to get some stuff done.

I had ideas of how the day would go. Turns out so did Ben.

So what did we think would happen on our day off?  What did happen.

Welcome to He thinks; she thinks.


She thinks

Got they day off, yay! Right, well I’ll get up and go to the gym early.  When Ben gets off we can go for a coffee – we’ve not been for a coffee for a while.  Great, while we’re in town we can get the new wallpaper for the chimney breast.  It’s always more fun shopping with two.

Get some cleaning done as we’re off together and we’re packing up Saffy’s things.

We can have some husband-wife time, I can have a bath and we can get off early.  We could pop into work and pick up the parcel that has been delivered. We could get some lunch at the Street Food Market.  Hmmm…. wonder if we can go for a walk as it’s a nice day?  No, won’t work, we have the cat with us in the car, can’t leave her there and she doesn’t like being in the cage. Nevermind.

So that’s how my thought process worked.

How about Ben?

He thinks

I’ve got he day off, not sleeping after a nightshift, no college.

I’ll get some University reading done.  We’ll go to My Mum’s late afternoon.

(at least this is what he told me the plan was after the event – I didn’t know before)

What happened?

I got up early, had some breakfast, worked a bit on scraping off some of the wallpaper.  I went to the gym once breakfast had gone down and had a good session.  It was the warmest Halloween day for 100 years (apparently).


I look so much like my Dad in this picture that it just isn’t funny!

I got home, and Ben was up and eating his breakfast.

We wouldn’t go for coffee as Ben was eating his breakfast. So I made myself a coffee and sat down to drink it. Ben turned on his computer, and on autopilot loaded his game.  That opened a 24 hour special offer period that he meant to save – oops.

Ben proceeded to play a few rounds of his game, while I read some blogs. Then I thought it was about time I got some things done – I got up on the ladder to reach the top of the chimney breast for the wallpaper stripping; failing to reach the top I went and wiped down the walls and doors around the house with bleach.

Ben was still playing games and I was a bit stroppy and felt hard done by. I went and ran a bath.

We had lunch then went to do our respective packing. I explained to Ben how I felt, so Ben packed up Saffy and her things while I just sorted out myself.

We finally got out of the door much later than I had planned.

From there we had a great afternoon/evening/night.  We stopped at my Mum’s to drop off Saffy and have a chat. We went on to Ben’s parents, and had a great night watching the pantomime and joining in the after-show party.

It goes to show that we make many assumptions – even when we don’t realise it – and that things are often thrown in our way – it’s how you deal with it that matters.



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