WIAW #39 and the Coconut Collaborative

I’ve slacked off somewhat with WIAW – I’ve been so busy.  Then I forget to take photos.  This week is no different on that front – but at least I’ve managed to get this written up – sort of.  Forgive me.

What I ate Wednesday, WIAWAs you know, I hosted a Murder Mystery at the weekend – so here is my food from the day:



I bought some Coconut yogurt from the Coconut Collaborative – I usually eat Co Yo, so it was good to try something different. It came in such gorgeous packaging, and I loved the little packet of seeds that were folded into the cardboard outer.

My breakfast was my usual eggy oats, topped with some banana, yogurt and sprinkled with seeds.  A great start to the day.

I went to my combat class, and worked it!!  Wow, our instructor is going over old stuff and chooses all the hardest tracks.

I came home and made a green smoothie with chocolate almond milk, so it looks a bit brown.  Yummy though!!

We got some shopping and had some lunch. I can’t remember what, and I don’t seem to have taken a photo.  I imagine it was salad – lunch usually is.

We got ourselves ready, and I put out nibbles for our guests – Is it just me, or has Ben made it look a bit rude on the table??

104_0457While everyone else was munching pizza, I had a small slice of Ben’s over salad with olives, sundried tomatoes and hummus – yum.  I had a glass of prosecco on the side.  All the best people drink prosecco!!!

I made a delicious self-saucing slow cooker chocolate cake – I need to remake it to get better photos, and write up the recipe – you want???  (Sorry, the photo is so out of focus it looks terrible – I’ll do it again, I promise)

Have a great Wednesday!!!



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