MIMM: last minute plans

Isn’t it great when last minute plans come together 🙂

I had a day off on Friday, more of that to come later in the week.

I had an outline of my weekend in mind. I knew that Ben was going to watch a football match on Saturday, so I planned some shopping.  I knew Ben was working on Saturday night, so I knew he would be sleeping on Sunday and I would have to entertain myself.


We were supporting the inlaws in the Village Panto – Panto at the OK corral – Ben won a tin of prunes in the raffle.  Many would think this was a booby-prize, but I was pleased 🙂 Our friends were also there. Chatting I said I was at a lose end the next day, and Sharon invited me shopping with them. I jumped at the chance.

We stayed with Ben’s parents overnight.  Ben made me coffee – by the bucket load.  After all that he found his Mum’s hula hoop – well, I had energy to burn!!

hula and coffeeWe dashed off to find Sharon and her Mum because she had an appointment.

Oooh yeah!

Oooh yeah!

The boys went off and had a manly time watching football in the pub.

We were given this:


When we met up again Ben went off to the football, while I went to find some lunch.


I didn’t eat all the wrap, but I polished off the persian chicken and salad – yum! Bit salty with the pickled turnip, olives and sundried tomato.

I made my way to the gym, where I stayed until Ben came and found me.  Let’s keep this small…

IMG_0523A sweaty selfie amongst autumn leaves.

Sunday came, and I started the day with attempted pancakes – not my best effort.

104_0369I had a swim, then Ben took me to Church before he went home for a snooze.

I was glad he did. I got to meet more people, and I took a pack for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal, which I love to do every year.

104_0371What a great idea 🙂

I was kindly offered a lift into town so I could catch the train home. I made the most of the opportunity and did a bit of clothes shopping – whoop whoop 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

Thank you to my photographer for taking these photos, and many more which ended up on the cutting room floor.

I’m not convinced by the oversized grey sparkly top – let me know what you think, keep or return?

I looked at some jeans with inbuilt lift and shape.  They were twice the price of these I bought here.  This is why I squat!!

What did you get up to this weekend?

What do you think of the grey-silver top, keep or return?


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