WIAW #37

Hey hey! Welcome to another What I ate Wednesday.

6287a-wiawfallintogoodhabitsbuttonI started recording my food on Friday when I had the day off (more of that to come tomorrow) And then I completely forgot after lunch. I was going to re-do, but ended up with a jippy stomach on Tuesday (dodgy chicken) so I consumed most of my calories through liquid.

So here you have, pictures and what I can remember of my eats on Friday



It was a day off so I was able to sleep in for a bit before getting up to make a yummy bowl of chocolate eggy oats. Topped with some ricotta cheese, sliced banana and half a broken up chocolate cookie – win!

I wanted to go to the gym early, but to beat off the pre-work crowd I made a version of my protein granola, with protein powder and egg white.

When I got back from the gym I was hungry so I grabbd a handful of granola and I made a coffee with added cookie dough protein powder.  Except I forgot I had taken my 8 cup cafetiere into work, intending to buy myself a new 4 cup one, and kept forgetting when I went to the shop – bum!  Between us, Ben and I came up with a solution – make the coffee in my jug, and then filter it through a tea strainer – teamwork makes the dreamwork (did I really just type that?!?!)

I did some stuff, and when it rolled around to lunch I made a typical salad with romaine lettuce, slices of harlequin squash, avocado, tuna, homemade pumpkin hummus and a carrot. Followed by an apple. I was gutted that I was out of yogurts. I took a sad selfie – it wasn’t pretty!!

And that was where my photography skills end, and I rely on memory.

We got going and took Saffy back to my Mum’s so she could go to her new home with my sister.  Saffy didn’t like being put in the cage, but again Ben and I worked as a team 🙂

Saffy in her cage


We spent some time catching up with Mum and brother before we dashed up to Ben’s parents for the evening. Ben and I raided the fridge as I was ravenous by this time. I found a bag of salad, some sliced ham, carrots, picalili and some dubious out-of-date hummus.  I also nicked a big spoonful of Ben’s baked beans – a mix-match salad, but it wasn’t half bad!

Later in the evening we had a bring and share dinner, about 10.30pm. I wouldn’t normally eat at that time – in fact I would normally be in bed – but we were to be dancing and everyone else was eating. It wasn’t my usual fare – sandwiches, quiche, pizza, breadsticks, sausages, rice salad, Indian nibbles and all manner of typical buffet food.  I scooped up all the decorative tomatoes I could find, ate the veg off a vegetable pizza, whilst giving the rest to Ben, and tried to pick as much veg out of the rice salad as I could.

Would you credit it – I never have an evening snack, and this time when I did I woke up starving – I’m surprised my stomach didn’t wake the household!

Do you eat an evening snack?

What would you hope to find stocked in someone elses fridge when making dinner

What are your favourite things to eat at a buffet?  What do you hate?


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3 thoughts on “WIAW #37

  1. athleticavocado November 6, 2014 at 1:36 am Reply

    Wow adding ricotta to oatmeal sounds amazing! I usually add some greek yogurt or cottage cheese but ricotta sounds even better:)

    • Emily Hawkes November 6, 2014 at 8:15 am Reply

      I just happened to have some in the fridge. It was yummy, light yet creamy 🙂

  2. […] We stopped at my Mum’s to drop off Saffy and have a chat. We went on to Ben’s parents, and had a great night watching the pantomime and joining in the after-show […]

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