A week of…breakfast

Last week I shared my vegan eats – lunch and dinner.  So here we have some yummy vegan breakfasts:

a week of breakfast

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Fitness Friday: BeamFit

Beam fit, Beam, BeamFitIt’s Good Friday, and I’m off work- the gym is closed too – whatever am I going to do with myself?  Anyways, I know I’m not going to miss another Fitness Friday post.  Sorry about last week guys and gals.

This week we’re toning it down a notch from the HIT (High Intensity Training) for something a bit more relaxed.  My second class of our Fitness weekend (my goodness was it really 6 weeks ago???) was BeamFit, although low tempo this worked the body completely differently and was thus still hard work.  Ben didn’t join me in this one – he went off to spinning.

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What I ate Wednesday #14

b8938-wiawserveupanextracupbuttonIt’s Wednesday! And even better than Wednesday is that it’s a short week, followed by a long weekend – oh how I need that!

Looking forward to Easter, but a bit concerned about the vegan eating bit – especially as we are eating out to celebrate my sister’s birthday on Sunday.

But enough about concerns about the future – what about What I ate Wednesday – another Monday of eats for me :-)

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday

What I ate Wednesday 14

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Rude Health Brown Rice Drink: Review

Rude Health, rice milk, rice drink, brown rice

Rude Health brown rice drink

Since dipping my toe in the vegan water I think I have been missing milk in my hot drinks most.  I’ve given up drinking tea, but found that I like coffee with unsweetened almond milk.

I enjoy unsweetened almond milk and usually have a carton or two in the fridge (ok, 4 at last count) but I really enjoyed this brown rice milk.  It’s sweeter and somewhat richer than the almond milk – Perfect for a cocoa or a delicious matcha latte!

pumpkin, hot chocolate, cocoa, cacao, breakfast

Pumpkin hot chocolate

I love the simple ingredient list: Natural spring water, organic Italian brown rice (14%), organic cold-pressed sunflower oil, sea salt. but I contacted them to ask why sunflower oil was added to the rice drink. And despite the fact that they are a small team, I got a reply:

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Protein Granola

Before I started on this vegan journey  I made this granola, and I thought it would be a waste not to share it with you because it really was yummy.

It was a ‘challenge’ I saw on Facebook which made me try it.  A friend of a friend posted a tongue in cheek comment requesting a low fat protein granola made and delivered.  Well, I couldn’t resist the challenge, so there and then I had a go – and got it right first time.

Actually, I love to make granola.  It’s so easy just to throw a few things together – pop it in the oven and BOOM – granola perfect for sprinkling over a breakfast smoothie, or serve with milk.

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a week of…vegan eats

Good morning!

So, yesterday got a bit side tracked.  I shared with you some vegan snacks and treats that I bought and enjoyed over the last week.  “But what did your meals look like?” I hear you cry.  “What did you eat”? and quite possibly “how did you get enough protein?”

Protein GorillaI’m not going into the nutrition side of things today, but here are some of my amazing plant based eats last week.

vegan, lunch, dinner,

A week of…vegan eats

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A week of…vegan products and vegan bircher muesli

Hey – so I’ve been working on my vegan eats for about a week now.  I know I haven’t been perfect, but I also know it’s a step in the right direction.  It doesn’t feel so bad to know I’ve had a nibble of animal products here and there when my main meals and snack have been good, wholesome plant-based meals.

This has been a whole lot easier because I hade some amazing products to help me through the week.

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Paying it forward #11

It’s Thoughtful Thursday, when I typically write about things I’ve done in the week to ‘pay it forward‘.  That is doing a kind deed, which then spreads. You do something kind for someone, they then do something for someone else and so it goes on.

I just googled it, and discovered that two weeks today it is ‘Pay it Forward Day‘ – that is Thursday 24th April 2014.  How cool is that!

I don’t mind the thought of 3 acts of kindess – I’m more concerned about asking them to do three acts of kindness in return.

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What I ate Wednesday #13

When I was doing themed posts for WIAW I considered doing a vegan post – but I didn’t know how I would get around my love of cheese and yogurt.

Well, as I mentioned on Monday – I’m dipping my toe in the vegan water :-) So it just so happens that this WIAW post is my first Vegan day – whoop whoop!

I’m focusing on plant based eating – eating real foods.

Ok, so that’s not really the challenge, but work with me here :-)

I quoted Michael Pollan in one of my very first blog posts.  Another quote from his 2008 book, In Defense of Food:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Sounds like good advice :-)  There is so much advice out there, and so many fads – it’s hard to know which to listen to.  I like the way One Green Planet summed it up:

“So the message here is this: Eating real food matters more than what diet you choose to follow. So don’t stress about which fads to follow. But do choose mostly foods direct from nature. Plant-based eating is the way to go!”

And don’t forget the latest news that we should be eating 7, not 5-a-day.  Since focussing on plant based eating at the start of the week it’s been easy.  Having said that, I’ve done this before, and somewhere along the line (usually when a new fad comes out) I get lost along the way.

So what did I eat on my first vegan day?

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Vegan ‘french toast’

Vegan, French toast, eggy bread, bagel, bread, banana, almond milk, dry fry,I’m playing with being vegan – perhaps playing isn’t the right word.  I’m dipping my toe in the vegan water, just for a week or so to see how I get on.

I’ve finished off the last of the salmon in the fridge, I have the last quorn steak (that I battled with myself over buying) for dinner tonight and my whey protein shakes are packed away.  I went shopping over the weekend and I’ve stocked up on almond milk.

My last fish dinner

My last fish dinner

Actually, the thing I’m most concerned about is my daily tea and coffee – only one of each, but always with milk.  I’ve trialled soya cappuccinos in my local coffee shops over the weekend, and actually, I think I can get used to it – that is if I am ‘allowed’ soya that’s not fermented.

Anyway, while I use up the last of the non-vegan produce in the fridge, I was trialling this breakfast idea.  After dabbling with going gluten free, and years of not allowing myself anything that was remotely unhealthy, I have since emabraced Fench toast – or as we called it when we were growing up – eggy bread. After all, aside from gluten isses, what’s wrong with a slice of wholemeal/granary bread (Ok, so at times I wouldn’t eat a whole slice of bread) with egg/egg white (in my no fat days *eye roll*) dry fried with only a sprizt of 1 cal spray (*another eye roll*).

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