Lent 2015

Oh my goodness – it’s been so long! I thought I would check in today as I just realised it’s the first day of Lent. (I know, I’ve been thinking of Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday and forget that Lent starts the following day).

Because of my past history of restriction, giving up something is bad news for me.  So I’m going to change it up by finding something to be positive about each day – it might be doing something positive for someone, or it might be finding something to feel grateful/thankful for each day.

I’m writing about it here to remain accountable. I tried to write down something to be grateful for each day last year and towards the end of the 40 day I got a bit lax. I’m hoping that recording it here will make me stick with it.

So first up, today is an easy one. I’m meeting my Mum and Nan for lunch today – which is lovely 🙂 I’ve not seen my Nan since Christmas (as she keeps reminding everyone) so it will be nice for her, and nice for me.  Plus today is a sunny day – that always makes me thankful 🙂

What are you putting your positivity into today?


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