MIMM: Jamathon and celebrations

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

It’s Monday, and therefore I’m going to do a recap of my Marvelous weekend. A bit like a diary, I love this chance to reflect on my weekend at the start of the new week.

I was given this bag on Monday morning when out shopping – it pretty much described my state of mind for most of the weekend 🙂

104_0229On Saturday we had a 4 hour Jamathon – Les Mill’s BodyJam for 4 hours! With a pink theme for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Jamathon CollageDo you like out matching outfits? So proud of Ben for getting into the spirit.

I iced my knees when I got home, followed by a soak in the bath with magnesium salts.  I wasn’t sure it would help – but the next morning when I got up, everything was sore and stiff, APART from my knees – WIN for the ice!!

Can you spot us?

Can you spot us?

The Leisure Centre really got into the spirit 🙂 And we raised over £1000 for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Jamathon 2 CollageThe event was sponsored by Martial Arts 4 Fun TAGB Tae Kwon-do.  The pink themed food also went down really well in the breaks – got to keep the energy up somehow.

When we got home, I transformed myself into a human again for a 40th Birthday party at a friend’s house – the theme was slippers and sparkles a very well considered theme after the day’s exercise.

I took a ‘chop salad’ (makes me think of pork chops – but in fact chopped veggies) to add a healthy element to the bring and share.

40th CollageThe clocks went back an hour overnight, which gave us an extra hour in bed – oh thank goodness for that!!!

I was up in time to ice the chocolate cake I made the day before to take to a post-dedication party.

I woke Ben, he went off to get the car from the previous night, and we were on our way to church.

Have I explained myu first visit to Exeter Vineyard three weeks ago? I went not knowing anyone or what to expect, and who should I see in the congregation but a girl I went to school with.  We are ‘friends’ on Facebook, along with most of my year at school, but I hadn’t seen her since GCSEs at 16 years old.  She was there with her new husband, and 9 month old son.  Well, Ollie was dedicated this weekend – and we were kindly invited round for sandwiches afterwards.

babydedicationThey put on a good spread – sandwiches, meats, olives, tomatoes and feta, along with strawberries and blueberries, some pastries, and lots of food that kept coming out of the oven.

As I mentioned, I took my now famous chocolate cake – simply decorated with white chocolate.

Dedication CollageI knew that another guy from School was going to be there with his wife and son – only when I saw them did I realise that I went to college with his wife.  It’s amazing how small the world seems sometimes.

We had a lovely time, and left on the promise of a proper catch up soon.

Ben had to work early on Sunday night, so I decided to get to work on stripping the wallpaper in our living room.  Now, normally I wouldn’t do this until I had decided on a wallpaper to replace it – but for some reason I decided I was just going to get stuck in!

You can just about see that I have revealed the message ‘love you Marlon’ – I suspect there is an ‘I’ that is yet to be revealed.

diy CollageHere is a snapshot of some of the other food that I have eaten this weekend – a breakfast bagel with egg and cheese – inspired by Kath Eats.  A protein chocolate and banana smoothie to power me through the Jamathon; tea and a Quest bar at the end of the Jamathon to stop me from eating the entire kitchen; a small bowl of salad and smoked salmon to fill a gap before our party; a soya cappuccino I had before the Jamathon.

food collageWhat did you get up to this weekend?

What sporting things have you done for charity – marathons, danceathon etc

Favourite Quest bar flavour?


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5 thoughts on “MIMM: Jamathon and celebrations

  1. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables October 27, 2014 at 11:49 am Reply

    Aw what a fun weekend! And cheers to jamming for a cause! 🙂

  2. Julie October 28, 2014 at 4:49 pm Reply

    Love that everyone wore pink to BodyJam. And I have to say, that “love you Marlon” is trippy!

    • Emily Hawkes October 29, 2014 at 9:25 am Reply

      We all got into the spirit for Breast Cancer 🙂
      Thankfully the message is gone now – I clearly watch too many murder mysteries, it was creeping me out!! xx

  3. […] a fab and fun weekend I was sooo hungry on Monday.  Whether my body was catching up from the 4 hour Jamathon or if it was a change in the clocks that set me back, I don’t […]

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