MIMM: a wolfie birthday and giggles

I wasn’t going to write this post as I was a bit tired, and just couldnt’ be fussed – but then I read about Lucie’s amazing weekend, and it spured me to recollect and consider the amazing weekend I had before I launch myself into a new working week.

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

I can’t even remember Friday, so I’m going to launch into Saturday. I started the day with a plate of french toast. I went to the gym early and got in a few abdominal circuits before I met Ben for Combat, and thankfully I felt well all the way through – so I guess it wasn’t the French toast that made me unwell before.

French toast

French toast

Sorry, it’s out of focus, and it looks like I couldn’t resist a nibble before I took the photo. Must have more self control.

After Combat it was home for a quick bath (my Saturday treat) and out again for a special birthday brunch. This time Ben and I made the cake – it was an awesome chocolate cake, themed for our friend Wolfie (short for his nickname Wolverine).  I didn’t ask if I could use his photo on the blog, so here is Ben bringing out the cake:

A Wolfie Birthday

A Wolfie Birthday

Jon is just the sweetest smiliest guy you could hope to meet, so I could have served him a plate of cake-mush and I swear he would have been over the moon – but this X-men themed cake hit the nail on the head 🙂

In the evening Ben and I were out to see Alan Davies in his latest stand up – Little Victories. No photos allowed unfortunately.

Alan Davies Little Victories

Alan Davies Little Victories

Saffy learned a new trick this weekend – climbing up on top of the cupboards in the kitchen. I’m assured cats are agile and resilient – I sure hope so!!

saffyShe looks like she’s glaring – which she might well have been, but I think it was the flash from the camera at 6.30 in the morning.104_0219

I tried to foam roll my legs on Sunday morning – Saffy wanted to play ‘under the bridge’  Not helpful!

We were up and out to Church in Exeter, we saw an old school teacher there this week (Ben and I were at school together) – we did NOT go and say hello.

As is part of the deal, if Ben goes to church he gets Carvery.

My plate, a child’s portion, and even then I didn’t finish the meat:

104_0221 Ben made the most of it:

104_0222Nom nom nom.

The afternoon was for shopping, cleaning and chillaxing.

What did you get up to this weekend?

What is the best birthday cake you’ve ever had.

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