WIAW #34

So, I teased you on Monday with hints of coffee shops and all you can eat buffets.  I think I have kept you salivating waiting long enough.

As always with Saturdays I started the day with a BodyCombat class at 9.00, so I needed to fuel myself well when I got up.  I made eggy bread with some melted cheese, and half a banana with cinnamon raisin peanut butter.

Not sure it was the best fuel as the class was hard going, and I felt somewhat woozy during the class.

When I got home I grabbed some pomegranate juice and half a quest bar.  The juice was moorish and I ended up drinking all the 200ml bottle. The quest bar on the other hand was a bit sickly and I barely manged half of it.  I couldn’t help but grab some squash from the fridge while I was in there – not that whole slice though.

I had a packed lunch for the journey – homemade coleslaw made with red cabbage and grated carrot in a soya yogurt dressing, scattered with tinned salmon.  On the side I had half a packet of kale chips left over from the day before.

As I mentioned on Monday we went to Playground Coffe House.  As a confirmed coffee addict I had a soya cappuccino, and I shared a raspberry blondie (a white chocolate brownie if you aren’t in the know).

We walked back to get ready for the night out at Za Za Bazaar followed by dancing.  Yes, an all you can eat followed by dancing – what can I say?!?!

Anyone familiar with all-you-can-eat buffets will know that the secret is to keep it to protein and veg – stay away from the carbs (unless of course you went for the rice, pasta, pizza and potatoes).  The carbs will fill you up quicker, but are easier to digest so will leave you wanting more sooner than if you’ve filled up on protein and veg.

Sorry the food from the buffet is blurry – they put us in the darkest corner.  My first plate was mainly from the salad bar: lettuce, beetroot, bean salad, tabbouleh and sweetcorn. The I grabbed a couple of king prawns and some broccoli from a stirfry bar, and an shell-on mussel from the seafood section.

I made the most of my second plate with more salad – but a bit more protein too.  I made a duck wrap – filled with the meatiest duck, some shredded leek and a drizzle of hoi sin sauce. I tried a bit of lamb kebab, and a piece of chicken tikka.  I tried the corn-on-the-cob, but it was heavily buttered so I left most of it. And another king prawn – this time shell on from the seafood section.

That left me full, but not too full.

I know this is usually a 24 hour blog – but we went to Coal Bar and Grill for lunch the next day – and as a true food blogger I took a couple of photos:

Coal bar and grill

Coal bar and grill

I had the sweet chilli and cajun king prawn salad. Ben had a mixed grill.

How do you tackle an all-you-can-eat buffet?

What’s your favourite pre and post-work out foods?


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2 thoughts on “WIAW #34

  1. athleticavocado October 11, 2014 at 12:44 pm Reply

    yum great eats!

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