London Baby! Part 3

So, I guess I had better finish my tale of our anniversary trip to London.  Where was I?  We went to find Inspiral in Camden, and hunted down Deliciously Ella.

From Raw Press we decided we would go and visit Harrods.  I love it.  The food departments mainly, of course.

We walked around to take it all in.  Harrods isn’t like some of the expensive shops where they take one look at you and won’t let you in.  Everyone is treated like a welcome customer, whether you are spending £1 or £1,000 (well, I’ve never spent £1,000 in there they might be even more welcoming then 🙂 ).

We debated what Ben was going to buy for lunch – it takes a while to take it all in.  He debated a pie, or some of the sandwiches.  I eyed up the sushi platters, but Ben was more interested in the sandwiches.  In the end he went back for a chicken tikka naanwich and we ate on the benches outside.

We then went on to Whole Foods Market. I’m familiar with bloggers who visit Whole Foods regularly, and remembered a past experience visiting, so I knew what to expect.  Ben hadn’t been before so it was a new experience for him.  We enjoyed looking around and decided we wanted to go back the next day and get a lunchbox from the salad bar and hot food bar.  And we did.

Salad bar: spinach, grilled pepper, carrot and aubergine, sweetcoren and roast butternut

Salad bar: spinach, grilled pepper, carrot and aubergine, sweetcorn and roast butternut

That actually lasted me all day.  I ate half for lunch, and topped the remainder with a tin of tuna in the evening.

But back to Monday.  We still didn’t know what we were going to do for our Anniversary dinner.  I suggested we go back to our room and swim in the pool, and discuss it.

That’s when Ben had a great idea.  We would get roomservice, and stay in and watch a film.  It was a perfect anniversary dinner.

Anniversary Meal

Anniversary Meal

I had a small greek salad with steamed vegetables on the side.  Ben ordered a meaty pizza with a charcuterie plate.  I checked and it was cheaper to take the champagne out of the mini-bar than order it room service (yes, I checked what was best value – does that ruin the romance?)

I don’t even remember what film we watched.  Perhaps Ben will remind me.  It was still a great night.

Ben finished up with a zebra doughnut from harrods

zebra doughnut

zebra doughnut

While it was nice, Ben did think the added sugar was overkill.

I think that takes us to the end of our Anniversary holiday – sorry it took me so long to get it completed.

Have you been to Harrods? Or to Whole Foods? Have you ever eaten from the minibar or ordered room service?


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