What I ate Wednesday #32

Whoop whoop – It’s What I ate Wednesday.  Which means we all get to indulge our nosey sides seek  inspiration from all the yummy food out there.

I guess it should be Fall into good habits – yep, squash/pumpkins are in daily rotation so I guess it is now autumn (hey, I’m British).

6287a-wiawfallintogoodhabitsbuttonDid I have any good habits?  I hope so!  I recorded this on Monday, I had a course at work, so things were a bit different (well, I still took my own lunchbox – lunch wasn’t provided).  So here you have it:

WIAW #31

WIAW #31

  • Breakfast: I opened a bag of out-of-date rice wraps at the weekend.  They were my favourite lunch for a while (check back, you’ll see them).  But as with everything – they went out of fashion with my tongue and I ended up with a packet at the bottom of the bread bin.  So I now have to use them up – I used it to make a healthy ‘pop tart’ type thing – filled with mashed banana and a drizzle of cashew butter, folded and toasted on a frying pan.  On the side I had half a baked sweet potato with a dollop of ricotta and a sliced fig. A big breakfast to start the day.
  • Mid-morning: I had a coffee as soon as I got into work, and answered a few emails before I went to the training session. There was tea and coffee on arrival, but I was running late so I skipped it.  About 11.00 we stopped for a comfort break and more refreshments.  I had a cup of tea, and I took a packet of biscuits (harps back to my student days – can’t resist free food) but I didn’t eat them because I had a nakd bar in my bag – much more nutritious.
  • Lunch: Monday usually means pilates – but I was at the course, so it didn’t fit in. Lunch wasn’t provided so I made a chicken salad which I took outside to eat in the sun.  I cooked up some chicken breasts in the slow cooker on Sunday (yay for food prep) and shredded them to make chicken salads for the week.  With lettuce, cucumber, a carrot and a sprinkle of sweetcorn. I followed with an apple. I nipped back into the office to grab a prune yogurt – gotta love prunes 🙂
  • Snack: I decided I wanted a snack before my exercise classes, so I grabbed some prepared roasted squash, cooked according to Lucie’s (FitSwissChick) recipe – loving the addition of curry spice – and dolloped on some Nuts n More cinnamon raisin almond butter. I had a little bit of apple pie quest bar left from the weekend- so I ate that too.
  • Exercise: My toughest evening of exercise – BodyPump followed by X-biking.
  • Dinner: I was knackered and hungry when I got home, so I desperately tried not to eat everything in the fridge while I made dinner. Thankfully it was a quick omelette for me: one egg and an unspecified amount of egg white, with mushrooms and tomatoes, sprinkled liberally with low fat mature cheddar.  It was looking all colourless so I added a bit of lettuce and a drizzle of curry ketchup I bought at the weekend.  Doesn’t it look delicious – no, actually it looks like something the cat threw up – sorry!
  • Dessert: I couldn’t resist a little nibble of homemade chocolate biscuit bar/brownie when I cut Ben a slice for his dessert.
Chocolate fridge brownie cake

Chocolate fridge brownie cake



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2 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday #32

  1. athleticavocado September 26, 2014 at 12:34 pm Reply

    That choclate brownie cake looks to -die-for! I am drooling!

    • Emily Hawkes September 26, 2014 at 3:57 pm Reply

      Thanks 🙂 It certainly went down well 🙂

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