MMIM: Weekend

I have my final installment of our London mini-break, but today I’m jumping on the bandwagon blogging about my weekend, and joining in with Marvelous in My Mondays:

Healthy Diva Eats

Healthy Diva Eats

It was a great weekend, and I learned something about myself.

Saturday started, as always with a visit to the gym for BodyCombat – it was my first time doing the entire BodyCombat 61 release.  Sometimes I go in the gym beforehand to do some resistance training, but as I have knee-problems at the moment, and it was a new release, I just stuck to Combat. It was awesome. I did the first half last week as we were eased into it – but this release is a killer!

I went home, and got ready to go to Abbfest – while it sounds like a torturous fitness routine, it is in fact a local beer and food festival.

There were over 160 beers and over 30 ciders.  Ben is mainly a (lager usually) cider drinker, but I made him try the Ale-ien because it was turquoise!

Ale-ien from Exe-Valley Brewery

Ale-ien from Exe-Valley Brewery

Ben bought a caramel shortbread and brownie slice from Get-Cupcaked

Billionnaire's shortbread

Billionnaire’s shortbread from Get-Cupcaked

And he says you can’t visit Get Cupcaked without buying a slice of their chocolate brownie cake, so he had a piece to take home for dessert that evening – the benefit of being 6’6″ I guess 🙂

Triple layer brownie chocolate cake

Triple layer brownie chocolate cake

I’ve regretted not buying one of these garlic and ginger graters since I saw them two years ago at Abbfest.

Garlic and Ginger Grater

Garlic and Ginger Grater

I bought some Baobab Jam and Curry Ketchup from The African Chef – I tried their products at Exeter Festival of Food and Drink.

The African Chef

The African Chef

And some herbs and spices from DW Herbs and Spices.  I remember buying their products when I was at University – some x amount of years ago.  I love them because they have such a variety, and they have no added salt or sugar 🙂

DW Herbs and Spices

DW Herbs and Spices

The music and beer goes on into the night, but we decided to go home and chill out with a dvd and some wild boar sausages we bought.

Ben had a work social on Sunday night, so he had to work during the day.

While we love our weekends together it was nice to have some time to myself to get some stuff done.

Ben’s alarm went off at 6.30am, and on this occasion my body clock decided to have a lie in. Unfortunately for me Ben let his alarm do two rounds of The Circle of Life introduction before he switched it off.  At least we got to have breakfast together before he went to work.

I finally persuaded myself to get dressed and go swimming.  I haven’t properly swam for a few weeks, maybe a few months.  I’ve been in the pool, but mainly messing about and chilling with a few lengths thrown in.  This weekend I did laps – 40 lengths or 1km in 30 minutes.  It wasn’t my best time, but it felt good to get my heart pumping while intervalling between breaststrok and crawl.

While Ben was out all day I took the opportunity to finish painting the spare room.  And this was where I realised how amazing it is to be a fit and strong young woman.

I love to exercise, but I do it mainly for aesthetic reasons – I want to look good.  However, this weekend I realised I was able to carry the vacuum upstairs, move the double bed, and climb up and down the step ladder with a tin of paint and a brush more times than I care to think about it.  No problem, no man needed.

Now, I’m not about to get all ‘burn-your-bras-we-don’t-need-men’ – I love my husband and I need him to remind me that I should never go into the spare room in my favourite weekend jeans, even if I am only going to making-tape the edges.  I need him to remind me that I have the attention span of a goldfish and I will start to paint, still wearing my favourite jeans.  I might even need him to remind me to take them off so I don’t step on the lid of the paint pot and end up with green paint all around the bottom of my jeans…

not that that would happen…

hagridIt’s ok, I realised quickly and went and washed it out.

I took breaks in between coats and decided as it was such a nice day I would take a walk and get some vitamin D.  However, that’s when I realised that I was knackered! Instead of going for my favourite sunny walk across the other side of town, I took a new shorter route.  I tend to find the best walks when I’m on my own as I just follow where I feel like it.

Jetty Marsh

Jetty Marsh

I even saw a kingfisher, but I didn’t have my camera out in time.

I went home and finished up in the spare room, then put some chicken in the slow cooker for dinner adn to make meals during the week, and ran a nice bubble bath to chill out with a magazine – yay, I think it was earned!

Hope you had a great weekend!  What did you get up to?  Tell me about it below 🙂



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