New addition to the family

No, I’m not pregnant. Though when I mentioned to our friends we were meeting our ‘new addition’ Ben made a point of rubbing my stomach – he was lucky he didn’t lose a hand!

No, we’re fostering my sister’s cat for a few months while they find a place of their own.

Meet Saffy



Am I now going to turn into a crazy cat-lady-food-blogger like so many others (I’m not naming names!!)?  Quite possibly.

She has already turned my house upside down – and Ben was surprised about how many ‘things’ she has, but it’s lovely to have her around.

Anyways, I was hoping to get some posts prepared this weekend, but my plans were usurped with cuddles and the craziness that is a cat playing with an LED light.

Have a great Monday!



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3 thoughts on “New addition to the family

  1. […] came down on Friday for a catch up and a cuddle with her kitty.  As I mentioned before, we have a visitor staying with us 🙂 And Lucy was missing […]

  2. […] It being lunchtime, we made our way into Cabot Circus and decided on Coal Bar and Grill for lunch.  Fed and watered we made our way back home via some supermarket shopping, back for cuddles with young Saffy […]

  3. […] had lunch then went to do our respective packing. I explained to Ben how I felt, so Ben packed up Saffy and her things while I just sorted out […]

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