What I ate Wednesday #30

Hi all!  Happy hump day!

It’s What I ate Wednesday, so, as always, thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Knowing that I was in London, visiting foodie places last week, you would think I would have done my WIAW then, but alas, I was not that organised, and I was too busy enjoying my food to photograph it (well, some of it anyway).  So, here are my eats from Friday – my staycation at home 🙂

What I ate Wednesday #30

What I ate Wednesday #30

  • Breakfast: I always enjoy a hotel breakfast, so I focussed on making a filling breakfast.  I was going to have a smoothie – but deconstructed the components into other things.  My juice was kept separate – I tried Acai berry juice (juice drink, not idea it has water added to concentrate juices).  I had the soya yogurt that would have gone into my smoothie stirred into some oats in a jar.  Also in there was half a banana, some raisins and, of course, oats.  On the side I had a slice of my homemade cinnamon swirl bread with the other half of the banana with some strawberry jam and a blob of cashew butter.
  • Coffee: When Ben woke up we went down to Coffee Republic for a quick drink. I had a soya cappuccino – my favourite.  Ben had tea and a teacake. I had a nibble of the teacake, but it was dry and nasty.  I felt for Ben as he ate the whole thing in between slurps of his tea.
  • Exerise: Well, sort of.  Coffee was quick because Ben wanted to Go Ape! I packed a lunch box and we went on our way to Haldon Forest where he had booked to climb, and zip wire our way around the course.  After my Clip n Climb experience, I was dreading it – but actually I liked this much better!
  • Lunch: I had made up a packed lunch each so we were sorted for food.  After our trip to Wholefoods, I got into the idea of turning my fridge into a salad bar (honestly, there’s hardly any space for anything else!) so I made myself an awesome salad.  I had a base of spinach and watercress, topped with peas and sweetcorn, a curried cauliflower salad, roasted red onions and king prawns.  On the side I had an apple.
  • Exercise: Properly this time.  We went shopping on the way home and stocked up with LOADS more veg – whoop whoop. We got home in time to put the shopping away before we went to BodyJam.
  • Dinner: Friday calls for Fish – Fish Friday and all – so I had a tuna steak that Ben kindly bought me while we were shopping.  Ben had smoked haddock as he will only eat white fish *rolls eyes*. I served mine with roasted vine tomatoes, steamed mange tout and some kale chips.
  • Dessert: I did something that I almost never do, and I had dessert! A yogurt with some crumbled cookie that we brought back from London – it was a Millie’s cookie flapjack flavour.  I can’t even remember what the yogurt was – I think perhaps cherry??
Go Ape, Haldon

Go Ape! Haldon Forest!


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2 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday #30

  1. caileejoy @ http://hellohealthyeating.com September 13, 2014 at 6:31 pm Reply

    YUM! These look like some great eats! 🙂 Good job!! YUM!!

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