What I ate Wednesday #27

Thanks and shout out to Jenn for hosting on her blog Peas and Crayons.

Here is What I ate Wednesday #27 – shot on Monday, a full day at work with a yoga class at lunchtime because my regular pilates instructor was on holiday.  Wow, did my legs feel it after the Warrior sequence.  The instructor complimented my form, so there was no way I was coming out early 🙂

What I ate Wednesday #27

What I ate Wednesday #27

You will notice that I am back eating animal products.  I’m not going overboard, it might be a little bit of chicken in a sandwich, or some yogurt or milk in my tea.  My primary reason for going for a plant based diet was for health reasons, and I wasn’t seeing any benefits from it. Since incorporating a little bit here and there, some muscle definition is showing through.  I’m sticking to plant based – but allowing a bit of meat, fish or dairy in here and there.

  • Breakfast: I started the day with yogurt and fruit.  I put plain soya yogurt in the bottom of my bowl, topped with 1/2 a banana, a doughnut peach and then some vanilla Co Yo.  I crumbled over a bit of wholegrain buckwheat berry muffin that I made over the weekend.
  • Lunch: I ate my lunch before my yoga class because it would have been late otherwise, and I was hungry. I filled a mini granary roll with mashed avocado and some chicken slices I had leftover after lunch out with the in-laws on Sunday.  I had a carrot on the side.  Followed by an apple, and some real yogurt – raspberry flavoured.
  • Exercise: As menioned above, I did a lunchtime yoga session – sun salutations, extended warrior sequence, cresent moons and more followed by 5 minutes relaxation before I was back at work.
  • Snack: I was quite hungry after the yoga session, so I was grateful for my oat snack.  Oats, soaked in water with some …
  • Exercise: Not feeling that the yoga was enough of a cardio kick once home I went to the gym for some x-biking and BodyPump – beasting it!
  • Dinner: I was hungry for my dinner when I got home. I made Ben a lentil curry, with balti popcorn on the side (who knew?!) so I had a nibble of that as I went – just to check the flavours y’know.  I had homemade kale chips topped with some chill kidney beans mixed up with onions and mushrooms and topped with nutritional yeast.
  • Dessert: I’ve seen it loads on Better with Sprinkles – so I had to give it a go.  Cottage cheese topped with casein.  I bought some natural vanilla flavour, and simply stirred it in with a bit of milk to loosen it up – my cottage cheese was quite thick.  Pehaps I need to find some chocolate milk to give this a go – mmmm 🙂

So tell me, what have you been eating this week?

What I ate Wednesday, WIAW


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2 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday #27

  1. Kailey (Pint Size Foodie) August 9, 2014 at 2:25 am Reply

    I love how large that carrot is! I bet it tasted great 🙂

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