Raw Ecstasy raw chocolate coated activated almonds: review

Yay, this is the first time I’ve been sent something free of charge to review on my blog.  It rather makes me feel like a real blogger.

I was really excited when Real Foods, offered to send me a sample in exchange for a blog review.  I’ve been shopping through Real Foods for over a year now, and have mentioned them on this blog before.

Raw Ecstasy raw chocolate coated activated almonds

Raw Ecstasy raw chocolate coated activated almonds

I was really keen to try the Raw Ecstasy Activated Almonds after my previous experience activating nuts in my dehydrator.  I learned about the benefits of activating nuts through Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar.

“activated nuts have sprouted, which means their digestive enzymes have been activated, making them easier to digest, but also great for your metabolism overall. The more enzymes you eat, the less of your own body’s enzymes are required to break down food…which keeps you younger”

I’d made my own activated almonds before, and wanted to see how they compared to real or commercial almonds.

The packet backs up what Sarah Wilson says about activating nuts:

Activated nuts are effectively fermented, germinated or awakened nuts. In nature nuts experience being soaked in rainwater which triggers their germination process and the dormant nut awakens with enough power to create a whole tree! Inspired by nature and the ancient Aztec practice of soaking nuts in seawater, we long-soak our nuts in a natural saline solution. We then slowly dry the nuts at temperatures below 47C ensuring gentle preservation of the now activated nuts.  Activated nuts are remarkably less bitter, taste sweeter, deliciously more-ish and feel lighter in your belly

I can testify that these are delicious, but I would disagreee that they are more-ish.  The chocolate coating is rich and satisfying – you only need a few at a time.

Which is great because at £4.99 for a 70g bag, they are quite expensive, but it reflects the quality, and the time and effort that goes into making activated almonds.

Raw Ecstacy Raw Chocolate coated Activated Almonds

Raw Ecstacy Activated Almonds

I enjoyed them as a snack – just 5 or so nuts was enough to fill a hole and satisfy my sweet tooth.  I also threw a couple at a time into my pre-workout oats.  The chocolate didn’t melt off despite being in the soaking oats for 6-8 hours.

When I opened the bag there were lots of chocolate coated almonds, but also some raw chocolate balls – they are great because they haven’t melted even in the UK heatwave we’ve been having (Don’t laugh 25C is hot when you aren’t prepared with air con etc.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, I’d rather be out enjoying it than sat in my office 🙂 )

The ingredients are simply:

Almonds, Vortex Revitalised Water (50%), Raw Cocoa Butter, Raw Cocoa Paste, Raw cocoa powder (28%), Coconut Blossom Crystals (21%), Himalayan Crystal Salt (1%)

Thanks again to Real Foods who let me try these 🙂

Disclaimer: While I was sent these almonds free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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