What I ate Wednesday #26

I was going to share my birthday eats from Friday – but the day turned out crazy when Ben surprised me at 9.30am with tickets to Harry Potter Studio Tour, a few hours later.  We had a 3.5 hour drive across the country from Devon to just outside London ahead – and then a return journey meaning we didn’t get home until 22.20, so the food plans went awry.

Lucky girl that I am, I continued my birthday celebrations with brunch with friends on Saturday, and a family meal on Sunday.  So – I recorded my Sunday eats: so to the food 🙂

What I ate Wednesday, WIAW, Sweetcorn, Corn on the cob, sake, green tea, noodles, Wagamama, smoothie

What I ate Wednesday #26

  • Breakfast: I started the day with a smoothie made in my new blender (a birthday present) and served in the mug I got at Harry Potter Studios 🙂 How grown up am I?!?!? In it was sweet potato, chocolate almond milk, and some berries from the birthday cake made by my wonderful, and very talented friend, Nic.
  • Snack: We usually go to Costa coffee after our swim, this time we switched it around and had coffee first, then back for a swim.  I forgot to take a photo of the soya cappuccino.
  • Exercise: Swim – because we left it late, it was a general session rather than lanes, we did what we could, swerving around families and teenagers.  Ben spent some time coaching me on my front crawl, which was good.
  • Lunch: We went to Wagamama for lunch, and I ordered the Bean and noodle salad with free green tea.  Ben ordered a sake to share – I don’t usually drink alcohol, so a couple of small cups of sake was my birthday treat.  I wanted to order a carrot juice as I had a voucher for a free juice, and I’ve never had carrot juice – but the waitress didn’t come round as often as we would have liked, so no one got to order a second drink.  Thankfully Ben had planned ahead and got us the sake alongside a soft drink for him.  They gave us a slice of chocolate gateaux, which I nibbled, but didn’t really want.
  • Dinner: Ok, I know – not good! All I fancied was a corn on the cob for dinner.  I’d nibbled at the homemade granola (see below) and the cake at lunchtime.  Say no more.
  • Extras: Twice I tried to make granola, and twice I burned it!  Rubbish!  As mentioned above I did have nibbles of the raw mixture to ensure I was getting it right.
birthday cake, veg box, healthy cake

Amazing birthday cake

103_9540Well, that’s all folks!


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