What I ate Wednesday #25

Hello and welcome to another What I ate Wednesday.

Unfortunatley, I’ve been struck down by Ben’s Man Flu.  As I’m a woman though, I guess it should be ‘Bird Flu’ (do you see what I did there?!?!) or perhaps, just a cold.

But my food on Monday – the first day I felt really, truly bad – probably reflects how rubbish I was feeling.  Still not feeling great (though better than I was) so without further ado, the food:

What I ate Wednesday, WIAW

What I ate Wednesday #25

  • Breakfast: My new favourite thing is this chocolate almond milk from Alpro.  Ben spotted it in the supermarket, and just, WOW! When I make chocolate milk I don’t add any sweeteners, so it ends up quite bitter.  Nice, but not as satisfying as this delicious choc milk.  I made porridge with it, and added in some cherries from a jar – black forest oats if you will.  I served an egg (cooked no oil) on top because I saw it on a blog last week and really fancied it.
  • Snack: When I got into work I saw an open packet of chocolate hob nobs.  Not usually one for cookies, I was feeling sorry for myself so I had half of one with my coffee.
  • Snack: I hadn’t planned on a morning snack, I’ve not been eating them recently, but I had some strawberries that needed eating.  However, my tummy was really grumbling (despite the larger protein breakfast and half a biscuit) so I went to the shop at work and bought a yogurt to dip the strawberries into. I know, I know, breaking my vegan rule 2/3 times (I guess I’d better count the cookie).
  • Exercise: Because I had a couple of snacks I was able to get in a bit of exercise before I devoured my lunch.  I went to a pilates class at lunchtime.  She had us doing bodyweight exercises – focusing on bridge movements and waist exercises.  I managed the whole class without a sneeze – which was impressive on Monday!!
  • Lunch: By the time I got back to my desk I was hungry again, so I ate my lunch.  I made a guac-ummus (avocado and chickpeas) dip, which I spread on a super thin wrap, served with some carrots, a handful of kale chips and an apple:
WIAW lunch

WIAW lunch

with the kale chips and apple:

guac-ummus wrap with carrot, kale chips and apple

guac-ummus wrap with carrot, kale chips and apple

yes, one of the carrots had been eaten by then.

  • Snack: My snack to prepare me for the gym was a slice of sprouted wheat bread.  I fancied something sweet, so again an unplanned Beond acai berry bite – it was only a small 15g one 🙂
  • Exercise: Ok, possibly not the best idea, but I wanted to sweat out the cold, so I went to BodyPump and followed it up with X-biking.  Actually, when I was sweating, I wasn’t snuffling, and the endorphins made me feel lots better.
  • Dinner: When I got home it was time for a quick dinner, zoodles (courgette/zucchini noodles) in a tomato and mushroom sauce with onion and garlic (for the cold) sprinkled with nutritional yeast and a dash of sriracha sauce.

I also had a couple of these through the day:

strepsilsstrepsils to see me through the day.

So there you have it – much more to eat than a normal day.

Do you eat more when you’re poorly, or does it put you off your food?  What’s your favourite comfort food when you are unwell?



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