What I ate Wednesday #23

I had the opportunity to try Hello Fresh UK for a discount (US readers can try www.hellofresh.com/).  If you also want to try Hello Fresh you can use this code to get £20 off your first shop:


Hello Fresh, Food Delivery

Hello Fresh

So, as my order arrived on Tuesday, I thought it would be great to use for my What I ate Wednesday. I’ve only tried one recipe of the three that are delivered, so I’ll go into a bit more detail later in the week.

Other than Hello Fresh, what did I eat on Tuesday?

What I ate Wednesday, WIAW

What I ate Wednesday #23

  • Breakfast I started the day with my favourite breakfast sweet potato.  This time I had some chocolate Co Yo.  It was really nice; rich and creamy.  It kept me full for hours!
  • Lunch The coconut yogurt filled me up so much that I didn’t need a morning snack.  Ok, I was hungry by the time lunchtime came around, but it was so close to lunchtime it didnt’ seem worth it.  So for lunch I had a seeded pitta bread with homemade coquina squash hummus.  On the side I had some Inspiral kale chips and a couple of carrots.  I followed it up with a Pink Lady apple – yummy!
  • Snack I had made some overnight oats (well, during the day oats doesn’t sound the same) with pumpkin, oats, water, cinnamon and some sultanas and crunchy homemade granola oats.  It was a bit sloppy, so I put it in the microwave at work to thicken it up.
  • Exercise When I got home I went to the gym with Ben.  A Rejuvenation Yoga class followed by a HIIT session in the gym.  I was really proud of Ben when he got a bit further into his hamstring stretch during partner assisted stretching.
  • Dinner This was where Hello Fresh came in.  I made the Beef Bulgogi the first night.  Because I don’t eat meat, I took some mushrooms from the fridge and marinated them.  Oh my goodness – they said that marinading it for an hour “made a HUGE differene to the flavour” but WOW! It was delicious.  Instead of the rice (which was cooked to perfection) I had a corn-on-the-cob, and added some asparagus to the tenderstem broccoli.  Mmm….I would definitely try this again!  The BENefit 😉 to the fact that I only ate part of my meal is that Ben had leftovers for his work packed lunch – WIN!

Check back later in the week to see my review of Hello Fresh.

Remember, to get £20 off your first order you can use the code:


Would you try a meal delivery company?  Do you like to have the same breakfast, or do you change it up regularly?  Do you find meals with fat in keeps you fuller for longer?


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  1. […] I mentioned in my What I ate Wednesday post last week – I got the opportunity to try Hello Fresh (Hello Fresh UK, Hello Fresh USA) […]

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