Breakfast sweet potato

If anyone ‘likes’ my Facebook page, you will have seen there is a new breakfast on the block!

Sweet potato, breakfast, Coyo, Co yo, coconut, grapefruitIf you saw my Facebook post, you will also have seen that Ben told me potatoes are not a breakfast food (except in hash brown).

Well, I think I have proved him wrong!

Sweet potato is amazingly nutritious, and excellent at regulating blood sugar because they are a slow release carbohydrate.  They are high in fibre – more than white potatoes – and this helps to slow digestion.

You need to eat your sweet potato with a source of fat so that all the lovely nutrients (beta-carotene – vegetable Vitamin A, etc) are absorbed by the body.  I indulged in some Co Yo – this time I found the vanilla flavoured version – yummy!

I know we’re all still a bit scared of fats, and in particular saturated fats.  I know I am.  I wrote a post about coconut oil.  But, coconuts have been shown to balance blood sugar levels, boost metabolism, and improve good versus bad cholesterol ratios.  Coconut is antibacterial and antifungal.  You can check out this Huffington post article.

I like to believe the old addage that grapefruit burns fat, so I topped my sweet potato with half a red grapefruit.  Regardless of whether they burn fat or not – grapefruits are high in Vitamin C, and (you can tell by the the colour) the red grapefruits also contain Vitamin A.  Compared to other fruits they are low in sugar, while being a bit sweet-bitter balancing out the sweetness of the sweet potato, and cutting through the creaminess of the coconut yogurt.  Despite being a citrus fruit (citric acid and all) they are alkalising to the system – which is good news for health!


Ok, so it’s not really a recipe – I simply roasted up a few sweet potatoes on Food Prep Sunday.  They take about 45 minutes to cook, so by doing it in advance they make a quick breakfast, simply cut in half and topped with fillings of your choice.

Have you tried Sweet Potato for breakfast? What is your favourite Co Yo flavour?


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One thought on “Breakfast sweet potato

  1. […] I started the day with my favourite breakfast sweet potato.  This time I had some chocolate Co Yo.  It was really nice; rich and creamy.  It kept me full […]

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