What I ate Wednesday #22

I tried a new early morning exercise class last week, so that meant my routine changed, giving me the perfect opportunity to write a WIAW post 🙂

I had to catch an earlier train to work meaning that I didn’t have time for my usual breakfast options.  It turned out I had time to make a quick smoothie, with an almond dessert I brought back from France, some almond milk and tinned pumpkin.  Not that special, but enough to get me to my workout.

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday

What I ate Wednesday #22

Knackered from my workout, I made my way back to the office and the jar of overnight oats that awaited me.  A second breakfast in true Hobbit style.  I was so hungry I was halfway through them before I remembered to take a photo.  In this was oats, some apple and banana puree from France and some almond milk.  I made a decaff coffee to go with it.

When I got back from holiday I instantly placed a Real Foods order, and it came that morning, allowing me to bulk out my lunch with some kale chips.

Real FoodsThey didn’t even survive long enough to make it to the ‘photoshoot’.

I’d made myself a black bean and coquina squash dip with sriracha sauce.  I spread it over a slice of Rye bread and served a carrot on the side.  I’m sure I had an apple to follow – though I seem to have left it out of my picture.

On the way home I ate a Berry Delight Nakd bar to fuel me for my Rowing Class – yep, I still did my rowing class despite the morning session.  I thought it was going to be really tough on my arms as I was ‘persuaded’ to try the heavier ViPr for my clean and presses – But I was pleased to say I was ok!  I pushed myself, and got another good workout 🙂

When I got home I wanted something quick, so I spiralised myself some courgette noodles and threw over some ready roasted veg, Cheezly vegan cheese and a sprinke of nutritional yeast, drizzled with sriracha sauce.


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