What I ate Wednesday #21: on holiday

I’m alive, I’m alive!  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been on holiday.  It came up on me and I didn’t have chance to schedule any posts while I was away.

So I thought WIAW would be a good post to get started with.  But of course I didn’t record a full day of eats, did I!?  I was too busy having fun.

So, here you have some of the things I ate, and how I kept fit and healthy on holiday.

What i ate Wednesday

What I ate Wednesday

We went to Normandy in France for a week.  Ben was keen to go to attend the 70th Anniversary of D Day.  We managed to get into Arromanches on the actual day, and toured some of the beaches (Sword and Omaha) and went to some war cemeteries.

D Day, 70th anniversary, France, Arromanches, Normandy

70th Anniversary D Day holiday

We also spent a day at Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel

So, anyway.  Back to the food…

It seems that France have a lot of town markets with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and local delacasies.  Bread is a big thing in France!  It’s not a cliche, you do actually see people walking around with a French Baguette or two!

We started our first full day (Sunday) in Caen, where they have a Sunday and Friday market.  We enjoyed walking around for a couple of hours.  I stocked up on some pink grapefruit (6 for €3!), some lettuce, jams/conserves, tomatoes, apples and peppers. Ben got some wonderful French saucisson.

We went to Rouen one day, and I found a Planète Bio where I stocked up on some tofu, tempeh, and some eats and treats.  I got a squash, a jar of apple and banana puree, dried figs (mmm, my favourite), cacao powder, almond desserts (I’ve sill not eaten these) and a jar of fermented beetroot.

103_9025We didn’t go overboard on eats and treats.  I got into the habit of putting a 500ml bottle of water by the bed at night, and drank it before I got up to make breakfast.  This was a really good habit, as it was a good way to hydrate when we were out from 9-6 each day, and it filled my stomach so I didn’t eat too much at breakfast.

We had a simple breakfast each morning before we set off for the day.  We tended to take a packed lunch with us, and I would usually have an afternoon snack.  And in the evening I would cook dinner, and we would (hopefully) eat al fresco.

103_8969On the day we went to Rouen I bought us both a treat – Macarons. I had a pistachio one, Ben had Nutella.  They were the nicest macarons I’ve had.  Perfect balance of crunchy and soft, and not too sweet.

103_9026We decided to go out for one meal while we were away.  For us, it makes sense to eat out at lunchtime.  That way you aren’t too hungry, and you have the rest of the afternoon to balance out any indulgences.  I decided that I wanted to try a french Galette while I was away.  That was a bit tricky because most of them are served with cheese or meat.  I had to accept that it would be made with eggs and milk, so wouldn’t be vegan – but it was a treat/ a break away from the norm.  I made my own and had onions and mushrooms.  I’m sure I asked for onion and tomato (thinking that tomatoes would be less greasy) but I was pleased with my choice – it wasn’t greasy at all which was my big fear.

french food, galette, mushroom, vegetarian, onion

onion and mushroom galette

I even had a glass of wine with my meal – very unusual for me! – Ben always thinks it makes life a bit more fun…

103_9058I was pleased that you could get a small 150ml glass of wine as standard.

How do you eat healthy on holiday?  Have you been to France/Normandy?


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