What I ate Wednesday #20; Late May Bank Holiday

As we celebrated our Bank Holiday this weekend, I thought I would share my eats with you from that day.

I didn’t have much planned – Ben was sleeping off his night shift and the gym was closed, so I thought I would get some housework done – and perhaps a bit of meal prep that I didn’t do on Sunday knowing that Monday was going to be free.

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday,

WIAW #20 – Late May Bank Holiday

After a wonderful more than 8 hours sleep (I’m usually just scraping 6.5-7 hours) I woke up, and went to make breakfast. Lately, I’ve been enjoying tofu scrambles, or smoothies for weekday breakfasts, and keeping porridge for the weekends when I do morning exercise classes/swimming. But following a few bouts of cramp I decided to start my day with banana porridge.

I crumbled over a bit of stem ginger sprouted wheat bread, and nabbed a small handful of Ben’s Malted Wheat cereal cos I do love some crunch with my breakfast.

I was expecting Ben to join me for breakfast, so I made some gram flour and peanut butter pancakes. He stayed on an hour at work though, so they may have been a bit cold when he got to them. I made some coffee, and drank that while Ben had his breakfast.

My Mum contacted me looking for something to do, so I quickly checked the train timetable, and arranged to meet her for a swim, and a catch up.  Thankfully she met me before I did serious damage to my credit card waiting for her in TKMaxx 🙂

After our swim we arranged to meet my Nan and Great Aunt for lunch.

Nan and FlorWe popped into a local Weatherspoons. I wasn’t overly enamoured with the choices on the menu, but I decided on the carrot, coriander and orange soup, and gave the bloomer bread to my brother.

We went back to Mum’s for a bit before we made our way back home. I was hungry when I got home so I had another (this time toasted) slice of stem ginger bread, and spread it with some PB2 that I bought from the internet – woo hoo, peanut butter with less fat-guilt. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture – oops.

Ben got up about then so we went for a quick walk down to the supermarket before I procrastinated on making dinner.

Explore-Asian-Bean_SoybeanI bought some soybean spaghetti earlier in the year, but I didn’t know how to use it, or how to serve it.  I decided to make a noodle salad with a packet of stirfry vegetables, soybean spaghetti and pink grapefruit with a dash of tamari sauce.  I was impressed!

More about the spaghetti to come later in the week.

Did you have a good Bank Holiday?  I understand that it was Memorial Day Weekend in the US. 


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