A week of…National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian WeekLast week was National Vegetarian Week – 19-25 May 2014.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am eating a plant based/vegan diet, so why the big deal about National Vegetarian Week – well, because Ben is still a very happy meat eater.

It’s hard to believe now, but he wasn’t a very happy chappy when I first mooted the idea of a Meat Free Monday – but he has embraced the idea, and is happy with his one vegetarian day a week.

When I suggested a week of vegetarian meals – well, I got a similiar reaction.

BUT, I cook all the evening meals, so unless he was up for grilling a chicken breast on the side, a vegetarian week it was.

So, here you have it.  A week of husband-approved-meat-free meals.

And a special WELL DONE to Ben who went 5 days without meat (unless you were sneaking it in when I wasn’t around…???)

Vegetarian Week Collage

I made a batch of vegetarian lentil ragu on Meal Prep Sunday – and this set me up well for the week:

  • Monday: Lentil and vegetable curry made with the lentil ragu, spiced with curry flavours. Rice, poppadoms and naan bread to fill him up, and make the meal more…special.
  • Tuesday: Homemade pizza.  I made my own pizza base and topped it with tomato sauce, and lots of veg – sweetcorn, red pepper and broccoli.  With a spinach and carrot side salad drizzled with a tahini dressing.  Leftover pizza went to work with him.
  • Wednesday: Stuffed pointed red pepper.  I used leftover rice from the night before, along with some farro and lentil ragu, to stuff a pepper, and topped with cheese.  Served on a bed of spinach, sweetcorn and carrot.
  • Thursday: By Thurday Ben was asking if he could have meat for dinner.  He didn’t persist after I said no 🙂 I made, peanut stir fry – I bought a bag of noodles selling off at the supermarket and made a peanut sauce, and threw in some caramelised sesame peanuts.  Ben loves anything peanut – so he was happy.  And I made a concession and gave him prawn crackers on the side.
  • Friday: Lentil pasta bake.  This is a typical meat-free-Monday meal.  Topped with crunchy crumbs and cheese – Ben is happy with a bowl of lentil pasta.  Another spinach and carrot side salad to go with it.

We had a party on Saturday, so the Vegetarian week was a Vegetarian working week for Ben.  5 days seemed enough 🙂

I think I made up for a lack of meat with copius amounts of vegetables and carbs.  BUT then, the calories that are being lost need to come from somewhere.

What are your meat-eater approved vegetarian choices? Could you go Vegetarian for a week?


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2 thoughts on “A week of…National Vegetarian Week

  1. worldofmee May 29, 2014 at 8:03 pm Reply

    Well done to Ben – I’m lucky that Tris’s stomach told him to go vegetarian a few months ago and he’s very happy with eating vegan most of the time 🙂

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