Food prep Sunday

Good morning all 🙂 Hope you all had a good weekend. I certainly did.

Getting out in the sunshine and having a good time with friends and family.  It was pretty non-stop.  But then, it can be pretty hectic during the week too.  By the time I’ve got up at the crack of dawn for breakfast, it’s then time to toddle off to work, when I get home it’s off to the gym, and then when I’m done 1-2 hours later it’s time to make dinner before crashing out on the sofa with my hubby before going to bed and doing it all again.

For the last couple of weekends I’ve tried to find time to do a bit of food prep to make things run a bit smoother during the week. I know some people go the ‘whole hog’ and create all their meals and snacks for the week.  Mine is more ‘light touch’.

I found a formula that seemed to work quite well for me:

  • smoothie for breakfast
  • a slice of bread with a homemade vegetable spread with crudites and an apple for lunch
  • oats for a pre-workout afternoon snack
  • a grain based dinner with variations on protein and veg

So last week I got to chopping some melon, I cooked some freekeh, and I chopped and roasted a butternut squash.  It took the stress out of planning what to cook/make, and it meant mornings were quicker.  A couple of times I blended the fruit and veg to make a smoothie, a couple of times I made a ‘fruit salad’ with chocolate dip (tinned pumpkin, cacao powder and lucuma).

smoothie, fruit salad, pumpkin, chocolate, cacao, lucuma, raspberry


Anyway, this weekend, I managed to fit in some time to do that and a bit more:

meal, preparation, sunday, prep

meal prep

  • I put a big batch of leftover veg in the slow cooker with some lentils and tomato puree.  In went some bendy celery, last week’s carrots, and some odds and ends to make a vegetarian ‘ragu’ that can be used for anything from soup, to curry to bolognese or pasta sauce with just a few flavouring tweaks
  • I made some stuffing for Ben’s sandwiches, or just as a side.
  • I made a batch of chocolate granola bars for Ben’s desserts or snacks.
  • I chopped up the leftover carrots from last weeks’ shop – they are now handy for salads, stirfrys or snacking
  • I cooked up a batch of farro which will last me all week.

Do you set aside time each week for food preparation?  If so, do you do entire meals, or bits and pieces that can be incorporated?


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4 thoughts on “Food prep Sunday

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  3. worldofmee June 24, 2014 at 9:59 pm Reply

    I do my very best to have food prep Sunday every week – time to make almond butter and cashew milk, a couple of broccoli pizza bases, some aubergine pate, brazil nut cheese or hummous, throw together some salads and roast some veggies as well as make Tris’s bread for the week and some snacks – healthy cookies/raw brownies.ginger nut bars etc. Makes the week sooo much less stressful and ensures it’s not hardship to eat well 🙂

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