What I ate Wednesday #17

I usually record my meals during the week, so this week I decided to shake it up a bit and went for Saturday.  Usually my busiest day in the week.

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What I ate Wednesday

I tend to get up early, have breakfast and then read some blogs and clean the kitchen before I go to the gym at 9.00 for a couple of classes – BodyCombat followed by BodyPump.  This week I had things to do and places to be so I did the first hour of Combat, then went in the gym for some tabata training.

carrot cake, porridge, oats, slow release carbs, glucose

carrot porridge with cherry infused raisins

I managed to get through my gruelling morning workout by starting the day with a bowl of porridge.  Protein and fats take longer to digest, and so will sit in the stomach while you are working out.  If you are working at high intensity the digestive system stops to allow all the fuel and oxygen to go where it is most needed.

By starting my day with slow release carbohydrates, my body was able to start digesting it 2-3 hours before my workout started meaning I had a nice supply of glucose (blood sugar) in my system.

After my exercise I refueled with a healthy ‘pop tart wrap‘.  I blitzed together tinned pumpkin, banana, cacao powder and black beans and filled half a thin wheat wrap, folded in a pocket and toasted it.

pop tart, black beans, pumpkin, banana, chocolate, cacao

healthy chocolate ‘pop tart’

Carbs to replenish my stores and protein to help rebuild after my workout.

I had a shower and then we rushed out the door for a friend’s birthday tea and a walk.  I didn’t order anything as I had only just had my wrap.

After the walk I was hungry so I snacked on a couple of Inspiral wasabi crackits in the car.  We went to get some grocery shopping, and when we came out I was still hungry (read hangry – hungry and angry, Ben called me on it) so I had an apple crunch nakd bar.

When we got home Mum and Josh were already there for a visit.  We chilled out for a bit before I got dinner ready.  It was make your own pizza.  While they piled their pizza bases with mozarella, meat and veggies – I made myself a gram flour base and topped it with homemade noochy aubergine spread, roasted tomatoes and asparagus, with celeriac chips on the side.

gram flour, besan, chickpea, pizza, nutritional yeast, celeriac, chips

gram flour pizza with celeriac chips

  • breakfast: carrot cake porridge with cherry flavoured raisins
  • lunch: ‘pop tart wrap’ filled with black beans, pumpkin, banana and cacao powder
  • snack: raw wasabi crackits
  • snack: nakd bar – apple crunch
  • dinner: gram flour ‘pizza’ topped with noochy aubergine, tomato, asparagus and celeriac chips.

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3 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday #17

  1. Arman @ thebigmansworld May 8, 2014 at 10:58 am Reply

    A healthy pop tart? Yum! I love oats but find them leaving me lethargic!

    • Emily Hawkes May 9, 2014 at 8:28 am Reply

      Goes to show how different some people are. I’ve taken to an afternoon snacky of oats 2 hours before my exercise to give me the boost I need 🙂

  2. […] week I wrote about how I use carbohydrates to fuel my exercise.  I’m going to continue the nutrition theme by thinking about how intuative eating affects […]

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