What I ate Wednesday #16

I got ahead of myself this week, and decided to track my meals before the weekend. I photographed Fridays food, and thought yay, I have all weekend to get the post written for Wednesday J But did I manage it – did I heck?! I have no idea where the weekend went, I suspect somewhere along the food festival, exercise, self-defence course, and just chilling! Oops.

But, I’m a food blogger (and somewhat stubborn), so I am getting this post out one way or another! Can’t miss the part-ay!

So what did I have on Friday?

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What I ate Wednesday #16

Friday has been Fish Friday for a long time now. It just makes it easier sometimes to have a template of what I will cook on what night, to reduce the pressure on me to come up with something. Monday was meatless Monday, Wednesday was soup night (late gym class so I’d put it in the slow cooker before I left) and Friday was Fish Friday. However, since I stopped planning my meals, and more so since I started eating vegan, the template has gone out the window.  And Fish Friday just doesn’t work when you are vegan!

  • Breakfast: I had been eating toast with nutbutter, banana and fresh dates for a couple of weeks, but I decided to change it up this past Friday. I started the day with a smoothie. In went frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk and some sorrel from the farmer’s market. It added a sharpness, and perhaps lemony flavour, that you don’t get with spinach – my usual go-to green smoothie ingredient.
  • Snack: I didn’t want to miss out totally so for my mid-morning snack I had gluten free rice bread, toasted, crunchy peanut butter, the rest of the banana, and a couple of dates – yum!
  • Lunch: Keeping with last week’s sandwich theme, I made myself a roll filled with roasted red pepper, live sauerkraut, and a homemade aubergine hummus. It was quite a job to eat it tidily in the office J – but when on my own (or at home with Ben at least) I LOVE messy food!
  • Snack: Before I caught the train home I snacked on some kale chips – these were the cinnamon and cacao flavour from Inspiral. It takes a little while to get your head around a sweet (yet somewhat spicy from the cinnamon) ‘chip/crisp’ but they hit the spot!
  • Dinner: After my Bodyjam class (it REALLY rocked on Friday!) I went home and cooked Ben some cod, while I had a tempeh noodle salad/stir fry. – With rainbow chard, roasted cauliflower, mushrooms and flavoured with white miso. I used my favourite 100% buckwheat noodles.

Do you have a weekly meal template? Do you plan your meals in advance or do you just cook what you fancy?


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4 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday #16

  1. Sandy April 30, 2014 at 11:36 am Reply

    It all looks so yummy 🙂

    • Emily Hawkes April 30, 2014 at 12:30 pm Reply

      Thanks – can’t help but feel I should have had a bit more green 🙂

  2. Leigha April 30, 2014 at 11:53 am Reply

    Mmmm… love everything! I had fish this weekend too, only it was on Sunday 🙂 you didn’t eat the fish because you’re a vegan – correct? Fish is the main reason I couldn’t be a vegan!

    • Emily Hawkes April 30, 2014 at 12:30 pm Reply

      Yep – I’ve been trying out the vegan thing for about 3 weeks now. My hubby keeps trying to tempt me with delicious fish 😦 So far so good 🙂

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