A week of…kale chips and sandwiches

I kind of forgot to start recording my eats this week.  But then I realised that there is one thing that I’ve eaten a lot of this week.  It’s my new favourite.  The only time I stopped eating it for dinner was when I ran out of kale, so I went to the Farmer’s market – and I’m back in the game!

a week of, sandwiches, kale chips, wraps, gluten free bread

A week of

I’ve been feeling a bit lazy in the kitchen.  Usually I am happy to spend 30-60 minutes in the kitchen making dinner, but I’ve just been fancying making something quick.  It’s very much been: throw some ingredients into a sandwich or wrap and go!

I couldn’t be fussed with my usual salad either – so it’s been kale chips all the way since I decided to start making them in the oven rather than dehydrator.

Now in the past I have given up bread, wheat and gluten at different times.  This week I’ve given a bit of everything a go – it’s not all about the wheat bread 🙂

  • Top Left: This wrap was shop bought, and filled with a mix of tempeh with seaweed, grilled aubergine slices and live sauerkraut. I flavoured my kale chips with some taco spice that I had left over, and served with ketchup – inspired by Kath.
  • Top Right: Gluten free rice and sunflower seed bread filled with grated carrot, live sauerkraut and a sauce made with avocado, cucumber and a sprinkle of Herbamare.  This was where it all started – yum! It was most unsual for me to have two slices of bread!  Served with plain kale chips.
  • Bottom Left: This was a homemade buckwheat wrap filled with a homemade mushroom and chickpea curry with a dash of sriracha sauce dribbled over.  Again, the kale chips were plain.
  • Bottom Right: Again, a shop bought wrap, this time filled with sauerkraut, and again my favourite avocado and cucumber sauce.  I topped my kale chips with some hummus.

What’s your favourite quick go-to dinner when you don’t feel like cooking? What’s your favourite sandwich filling? What’s the strangest sandwhich you’ve ever had?


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2 thoughts on “A week of…kale chips and sandwiches

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  2. […] a bag of out-of-date rice wraps at the weekend.  They were my favourite lunch for a while (check back, you’ll see them).  But as with everything – they went out of fashion with my tongue […]

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