a week of…vegan eats

Good morning!

So, yesterday got a bit side tracked.  I shared with you some vegan snacks and treats that I bought and enjoyed over the last week.  “But what did your meals look like?” I hear you cry.  “What did you eat”? and quite possibly “how did you get enough protein?”

Protein GorillaI’m not going into the nutrition side of things today, but here are some of my amazing plant based eats last week.

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A week of…vegan eats

I figured breakfasts are pretty easy to eat vegan, with a few simple swaps if necessary (ie almond milk instead of regular milk), so I’ve focussed on lunch and dinners.

  • Top left: quinoa salad, with roasted squash, steamed broccoli and fresh cherry tomatoes
  • Top middle: Noodle salad in an avocado and cucumber sauce.  Noodles include courgette noodles, leek strips, green beans (fine beans or french beans) and buckwheat spaghetti/noodles.  I used to make this sauce with cottage cheese, but I bulked it out with cucumber and a sprinkle of Herbamare.
  • Top right: homemade falafel  – I have made a few versions of these, this was chickpea and coquina squash with nutritional yeast.  I put them in a Mountain bread rice wrap with roast tomatoes and spinach.
  • Middle: vegan samosas – I did a samosa tutorial before.  This time I used Mountain bread rice wraps as the ‘pastry’.  I love the simpleness of these wraps made with only: Rice Flour (70%), Wheat Flour (flour, folate, thiamin), Filtered Water, Iodised Salt. I filled the samosas with a curried coquina squash and green lentil filling.  I baked them with my evening meal and took them to work to eat with a watercress salad.
  • Bottom left: ‘Nourish bowl’: spinach salad topped with shop-bought reduced fat hummus, sweet potato slices, and aubergine coated with breadcrumbs and nutritional yeast.  I keep buying aubergines, and then remembering that actually I’m not sure if I like them.  I did enjoy them this way though!  I used flax ‘egg’ to stick the crumbs to the aubergine – simply mix ground flaxseed with water.
  • Bottom right: Noodle salad with a bean ‘pesto’- flageolet beans, spinach and nutritional yeast.  In the noodle salad were cougette noodles, carrot noodles and steamed green beans (french/fine beans)

What’s your favourite?  What was your favourite meal this week?


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2 thoughts on “a week of…vegan eats

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