Paying it forward #11

It’s Thoughtful Thursday, when I typically write about things I’ve done in the week to ‘pay it forward‘.  That is doing a kind deed, which then spreads. You do something kind for someone, they then do something for someone else and so it goes on.

I just googled it, and discovered that two weeks today it is ‘Pay it Forward Day‘ – that is Thursday 24th April 2014.  How cool is that!

I don’t mind the thought of 3 acts of kindess – I’m more concerned about asking them to do three acts of kindness in return.

Anyways, back to me 🙂 Sometimes I plan my ‘paying it forward’ deeds in advance, sometime I do something and realise – yeah, that’s a great ‘act of kindness‘, but sometimes I’m left wondering if I’ve done anything to ‘pay it forward’ all week.  This week was one of those!

But then it occurred to me that it’s not all about the big gestures.  Sometimes it’s just about making time for someone else.

Pay it forward, thinking of youSometimes it’s about making time to stop and chat to someone you’ve not seen for a while; it’s about getting something a friend needs when you go to the shops because you know they don’t have time; it’s that text message you send to a friend just to say you’re thinking of them; or a picture you share on Facebook because you think it has a good message, or it will make people smile.  You know what, it could be as simple as smiling at a stranger in the street – who knows!

Are you with me on 24th April 2014?  Will you pledge to do three acts of kindness?  Are you comfortable with asking someone to do three acts of kindness in return?


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